The Super Swell Movie Night was Super Swell

On August 26th we had a nice time at the backyard movie night. We weren't in the back yard due to the rainy weather, but that didn't stop the fun.

Our theme was Halloween in August. We watched two episodes of extraordinary high quality - Spock's Brain and Catspaw. Our menu included Sylvia's Salad, Transmuter Pie and Sigma Draconis Pie (regular and Vegan shepherd's pies), Brain and Brain Cake, Morg and Eymorg Cookies and Korob's Wands. Popcorn capped the evening as we watched several documentary segments from the Roddenberry Vault. Previously unseen original series footage is rare, so it was especially fun to see these programs.

We were sad that the Star was missing, but she was here with us in spirit, we're sure. I am thankful that Lynne stepped in with great ideas and lots of work so our event could go on. Thanks also to Phill and Jack for their part in the evening and to everyone that attended.


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