They’re cocktails, but not as we know them!

What do you get for an ex-bartender who is also captain of a Star Trek Club?? Or for any of you that like to mix a fine libation now and again? The long-awaited (by me since I preordered it months ago) book - "Star Trek Cocktails, A Stellar Compendium" - has arrived. There are some serious Trekkie good feels within these fun recipes - everything from the Set Chasers to Stun to Par'Mach on the Beach, from Sisko's Sazerac to Captain Janeway's Irish Coffee, they have created some great options. Here's a particular favorite, the Fizzbin:


  • 3.5 oz. fresh orange juice
  • 7 oz. chilled champagne


  • Pour the champagne into two flutes. Add the orange juice. It's that sample (unlike Fizzbin).


Any day of celebration gets off to an effervescent start with a refreshing glass of orange juice and champagne. This drink will bring as much sparkle into your life as a convivial hand of Fizzbin, the game played on Beta Antares IV. Like the game, the rules of this Fizzbin are eccentric, so you might want to replace one measure of champagne with grenadine for a half-Fizzbin (if it's Tuesday) or include a dash of vodka for a "Ferengi Wallbanger Fizzbin", if fizzbinnin' at night. For a Classic Royal Fizzbin, add a little cherry liqueur, as Human kings and queens did way back in the 21st century.

Thank me later Mary


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