Top Golf Outing – August 18th

Have you been to the hot new attraction in Brooklyn Center? Have you wondered about the giant nets rising far above the landscape just north of 694? It's Top Golf, and it's fun.

You do not have to be a golfer to play! Think of it as a bowling alley, perched above the playing field, with golf balls instead of bowling balls. The electronic scoreboard registers your score when you hit (or miss) the giant targets. There are coaches to help you if you've never swung a club or need a refresher, and they're very friendly.

We're going as a group during the afternoon of August 18th. Each bay accommodates 8 people and 6 players, so 2 people can observe and relax. They'll serve you food while you play, or we can go to the restaurant after we're done. The food and beverage options are really good, and the prices are reasonable. The cost of golfing is based on the number of people that go, so we can only estimate it at this time. The lowest estimated cost for one person to golf for two hours is $19, and the highest is about $25. This includes a one-time fee of $5, which you don't have to pay if you're already a member. There may be tax, too.

Check out the details, menu and more at

Since they sell out the bays quickly, we'll need everyone to sign up by July 7th. Please sign up on the signup sheet and know that we have to commit to a specific number of people for the reservation, so if you name's on the list we're counting you in!




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