Valentine Dinner is Coming Up!

The 2020 Valentine Dinner, hosted by our 20-somethings, will be held on Saturday, February 15th this year. If you haven’t been to the event, here’s a taste (so to speak): past menus have included Osso Bucco, Chicken Wellington, pan-fried gnocchi, performance desserts, regional cuisine themes, homemade candies, spicy margarita-filled gelatin bubbles, Cream of Curried Carrot soup, Black Pepper Raspberry Sorbet, Swiss Chard bundles stuffed with creamy mushrooms, and so much more!

This event is our most formal evening and seating is limited, so sign up at the November and January meetings or let Mary know you are interested. If the number of signups exceeds the capacity, a drawing is held to determine the guest list. Tickets are $35 and excess funds benefit our general fund. Emma, Shannon and Harrison are eager to host us again this year!

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