Weather Report – No Snow in May

We're just wrapping up the last days of April, so it might be good to take a look back.  We know what happened for the last meeting, and I hope nobody even ATTEMPTED to drive up and down the hills in Stillwater.  For the record, that was the heaviest snowfall on a club event day in at least 20 years. The only one close to that was one of the All-Ship's Holiday Parties, back in the mid 90's that topped out at 15".    For the record, we were one week short of six months of snow season. The first shoveled snow of the season was back during the week of ZooBoo.

May's forecast is conveniently warm and very likely one of the nicest days we could have.  64 degrees Fahrenheit and mostly sunny was a dream just two weeks ago, enjoy it while we can.

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