About Us

Nokomis Activities Are Fun...

... Both within the realm of Trek fandom and beyond. You may have met Nokomis members attending, working, or even organizing a science fiction convention. You may have seen us on television publicizing the latest series or film.

Through these activities, we have met many movers and shakers in the world of science and science fiction: actors James Doohan, Jonathan Frakes, and George Takei; author and futurist Ben Bova; astronaut George "Pinky" Nelson; and the Great Bird himself, Gene Roddenberry.


But we're more than just a fan club

We are also a group of friends. Summers mean picnics and campouts where we canoe, barbecue, and engage in the Great Water Balloon Bombardment. Winter means skating and sledding parties. Throughout the year we celebrate holidays and any other event we can think of ... and we can think of a lot!


We are also members of our community.

As members of our community, Nokomis members feel obligated to give something back. But obligation doesn't mean drudgery! We support a variety of charities through special projects and fund-raisers, and we collect food for Twin Cities food shelf programs at each meeting. We also put our phone skills to work at KTCA-TV's (PBS) quarterly pledge drives. Science fiction doesn't go very far without science in it, so we help with the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair.

Year-round, we prepare for the Como Park Zoo "Zoo Boo" event. Planning stations, building sets, and donning costumes for this event satisfies many flavors of creativity.



Whew! You can sure stay busy with this club.

But don't let that scare you; not everybody does everything (although there are a few who try). Your level of participation is up to you. The best part is if you have an idea for a club activity, we're open to it. With a large, active membership, chances are that if you want to try something, someone else will want to try it, too. Most ideas for activities or events do come from the club members at large, so everyone has a chance to make the club even better.


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