Quick start to Nokomis ZOOM meetings

We’re stepping into the 21st Century, so no Holographic interface (video). Captain Pike taught us that.  For now, the meetings are audio only.

Meeting etiquette: During the meeting people can talk over each other and nobody gets through.  If you want to speak up, call out Mary’s name, she’ll pause the meeting and ask for comment. If you’re not talking in the meeting and have a way to do it, please mute your microphone.

If you have a headset with microphone it will be far easier to hear and be heard, but it’s not necessary.

And if you have to go to the, well, the personal needs room (wink wink), please don’t take the phone with you.

How to connect to any meeting we have.

Note: You don’t need to create a ZOOM account to join the meeting. For more information, go to Zoom.us and click Support.

Each meeting will have a unique meeting number.  You'll be able to see it in the Events page by clicking on the event to open the details.

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Identify the USS Nokomis Member!

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Star Trek Lower Decks News

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Discovery Season 3

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