Website User List Pared Down

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The user list for this website has been pared down to those whose dues were paid.  It's the first completely comprehensive cleanup in three years.  The work is complete as of 2 Nov 2019.

For those of us that paid our dues, please log in to the website at least once before the end of calendar 2019, to be sure you are still a registered user and that Phill didn't make a mistake.  If you did pay your dues and are having difficulty, don't hesitate to contact Phill () and get it straightened out.

If your username doesn't work and you know in your heart that you didn't pay this year's dues, you can contact Pam () and pay your dues, or use the Join Us link to use online payments.

And if you hear of someone who didn't get their newsletter, please refer them to this article on the website.

Thanks for your help!

Valentine Dinner is Coming Up!

The 2020 Valentine Dinner, hosted by our 20-somethings, will be held on Saturday, February 15th this year. If you haven’t been to the event, here’s a taste (so to speak): past menus have included Osso Bucco, Chicken Wellington, pan-fried gnocchi, performance desserts, regional cuisine themes, homemade candies, spicy margarita-filled gelatin… More inside…