Movie Night – Outdoor-Safe on August 22nd

star-trek-movie-night-600x520The Backyard Movie Night is coming This Month!

This is one of the few events we can host outdoors and stay safe from the scourge.  Mary's agreed to host a socially spaced event outdoors in front of Storage Bay 3 (the shed) so we can get together at least once in six months.  We'll do the Star Trek movie set starting at 7PM, and host the food using the best party subs Jersey Mike's has (thanks Emma and Harrison).

The event will only take place if the weather is good, there isn't a good option to move indoors if it rains.  We'll make the call on the day before the event.  If we have to cancel due to weather we'll fully refund the money you paid.

With just over a month remaining, it's time to reserve your place at the event and pre-pay.  The link below is for PayPal, or you can send checks to Pam and she'll hold them until the night of the event.  We are looking into Venmo, but we're not quite there yet.

It's been a long time since we went virtual, let's have some in-person fun.


Click here for PayPal.  The price is $12.67 per ticket to cover the PayPal fees.

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Ok, what now ….

That's it, that's the question.  What now. We've been having to cancel way too many fun things and it doesn't seem to let up.

Let's find a new rut to be in.  So, I know we've all asked for new things to do, but what about doing old activities in new ways?  How about an online bowling tournament?  Simultaneous beer tasting?  What about we all go to different movies together? Overnight camp out in each other's living room via Zoom?

I don't know how to do any of these, but I'd bet you do. Let's take this crazy pandemic to the next level.  I don't want it beat us, I want to see how we can re-dig our own rut.

Next meeting, let's take it up higher, schedule something even the pandemic can't cancel.  Starting with the August meeting, let's share your best Limerick.  And the heck with being perfect, just have fun with it.

Lower Decks raise the Fun

The Star Trek franchise enters a Rick and Morty-like universe in the new trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks, an animated comedy series heading to CBS All Access this summer.

The show, developed by Rick and Morty vet Mike McMahan, “focuses on the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos, in 2380. Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford and Tendi have to keep up with their duties and their social lives, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies.”

Unlike every Star Trek series that proceeded it, Lower Decks puts the emphasis on humor, with the cartoon set up as a class comedy between the “bridge crew” — the main focus of every Star Trek series — and the workers in the “lower decks” of the spaceship.

The voice cast for Lower Decks features Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, Eugene Cordero, Dawnn Lewis and Jerry O’Connell. The first episode of Season 1 premieres August 6th, with the remainder of the 10-episode first season to follow every Thursday after that.

Preview?  Here's one.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for the article.

Plan for a Virtual Picnic on the 13th

The City of Bloomington has cancelled all park and facility reservations for the month of June due to the virus.  Their judgement was that the facilities are unsuitable for social distancing at the capacities that people stated on their contracts for rental.  Although I think we could have pulled it off with the number that would actually arrive, it's certain the city would be stretched to keep the facilities clean and sanitary.

Stay tuned over the next week for how we picnic in different places together.

  • Phill

June Picnic Still has a Location

Our June Anniversary Picnic is currently set for Bloomington Park's West Bush Lake Picnic Shelter #1.  As of this writing the shelter is still available to us.

The City of Bloomington is doing sort of rolling cancellations, not wanting to cancel when things could be open.  Phill spoke to the parks director today, mostly because he answered the phone himself.  They meet to discuss this twice a month, and right now our date is still listed as open. May was completely canned at their last meeting including Memorial Day weekend.

By our meeting this weekend our best info is we are still on, so a discussion of how we do it is on the agenda for the May General Membership meeting this weekend.  The City’s next discussion is set for May 15th and we will post updates here when we hear anything.


Discovery Season 3

The wait for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has been extended somewhat. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the series has reportedly been delayed until later in the year. But, fear not Stark Trek fans, as there's still plenty to learn about the upcoming season, which will take us boldly beyond where Star Trek has ever been before as we jump 930 years into the future – a period in the Star Trek timeline that has so far remained unexplored.

What hints do you see in the trailer?  Certainly Burnham spends time alone enough to grow out her hair, and she finds the crew (eventually).  What else do you see?



Chuck-Wagon Fundraiser – Now a Fall Favorite

We've got the hall and the plan ready, the Chuckwagon Dinner and Fundraiser will take place on

25 October, 2020

Remember, the dinner tickets you hold are good that day!  Hold on to those auction items, and be ready to buy in to the second 50/50 Raffle within the year.  Round out the day with some baked goods and the world will be a fine place indeed.

Hope we get to see everybody there!

Still Isolated in April

Remember, the April meeting of the Nokomis is notable for two things

  • It's Easter Weekend
  • We will be meeting virtually again.

Yes, the libraries and set to open again on Friday, April 10th per the current stay-at-home order, but it seems likely to be extended.  We'll have the ZOOM Meeting Code for you in next week's mail list.

Don't drive to Champlin, you'll be social distancing but not in the way you want.  See you online on the 11th of April.

Chuck-wagon Drawing – and the Winner Is…

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to say that Harrison Frazee won the ½ and ½ raffle for the Chuck Wagon.  I brought the tickets into the office this morning and we found a box to mix them up.  I had a bunch of the employees (who support us by buying tickets each year) surround us and our head mechanic drew the winning ticket for Harrison.  We took in $524.00 in raffle ticket money of which I wrote and mailed a check to Harrison this morning in the amount of $262.00.  I’m sure he will be pleasantly surprised.  Harrison always, always jumps in and helps whenever he can so it’s with a happy heart we send him our hearty congratulations. 😊😊

Thanks again everyone for selling tickets and especially to Mary and Jack for collecting from those who had not had a chance to mail their tickets to me.  They collected and then drove them all the way down to my house so I sincerely appreciate their time, gas and efforts!!!!   Plus even though we stayed apart from each other it was really great seeing their smiling faces!!


‘Star Trek: Picard’ Star Patrick Stewart Announces Free Month of CBS All Access


Engage(d audience)!

Actor Patrick Stewart announced on Tuesday that, starting immediately, CBS All Access is offering a month free subscription to anyone in the U.S. through April 23.

The announcement comes just as tens of millions of Americans are finding themselves sequestered at home during the COVID-19 pandemic — and just as Stewart’s CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Picard” reaches its season finale, which drops this Thursday.

Stewart posted a link to redeem the free month to Twitter and Instagram — all users have to do is use the code “GIFT” when signing up.


Read the rest of the article at