Dues Paying Options – PayPal, Cash, Venmo (Oh Myyy!)

It's September, that time of year when we remember how to use some of that once-a-year technology.  Now there are more and more options for paying for things these days, and we're doing our best to allow as many as we can.    Log in to the web page for details about each.

  • Cash is classic, checks are just as good.  You can hand them over or mail them in.  Address information is visible when you log in.
  • PayPal started as a payment clearing house for buying things on the Internet, like stuff on Ebay.  You can use your PayPal account if you have one.
  • PayPal is also our clearing house for credit cards.  They've branched out now to being more of a full service merchant service, so they take credit cards, bank transfers, and a host of other services.
  • Venmo is strictly person to person, using mobile device apps to keep it simple and well-protected.  You'll need to have a Venmo account of your own to send money to us that way.

Log in to see our contact info.

More inside...

OOPS! Website had a problem….

We didn't call Houston, but it was close.  Something got corrupted in the database and we had to restore the backup from 3 Sep.  That means we are running without changes that were made from 4 -Sep (Sunday) until the restore on 8-Sep (Thursday).

Please be patient as we check out the restored site and recover data;  if you see something critical, let Phill know and we can get it fixed more quickly.

I'll be watching the newsletter next week like a hawk.

Interment Service for Jane Dusek

Jane was a long time and long serving member of the U.S.S. Nokomis and a host of other fan and service organizations. No formal funeral has yet been announced;  Jane's remains will find their rest at Resurrection Cemetery, 2105 Lexington Avenue South, Mendota Heights, MN 55120 at 11:00 AM on 27 August 2022.  Members and friends are humbly invited to attend.

Our own memorial services to celebrate Jane's life are in the works for later in the fall.

Mea Culpa – Latin for Oops

Last week I said something about a backyard movie night in August - and I was wrong. A lot of things stacked up in the summer this year, and we couldn't find a date to host it.  Well, not 'we', apparently everyone but Phill.  Sorry to get your hopes up, but we won't be having a movie night this summer.

I beg your pardon.  Please pick an excuse for me from the list below, and I will try not to do it again.

  • The Bersallen FireStorm cut off my Internet
  • A Gumato ate my homework
  • The timewarp I tried to fix it didn't work, and I spent 7 months cleaning Edith Keeler's kitchen
  • A bought a red shirt - dumb idea.  Turned all the colors pinkish before hemoglobin shortage wrecked my memory.
  • Couldn't find my notes in Cogley's office
  • Tom Paris stole the projector for his movie nights
  • I missed a meeting.

Sorry - Phill

Lower Decks to Start Again on August 25th

Paramount+ announced that season three of its hit original half-hour animated comedy series Star Trek: Lower Decks will premiere on Thursday, August 25, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. Following the premiere, the remaining nine episodes of the 10-episode long season will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays.

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’: Paramount+ Reveals Premiere Date And Key Art For Season 3

2022 Anniversary Picnic and Membership Meeting – June 11th in Bloomington

The 37th Anniversary Picnic takes place this Saturday the 11th at Noon.   We've booked the West Bush Lake Park Shelter 1, the two-roofed shelter in the woods in West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington.

We have the shelter from 11AM to 4PM, along with access to grills and the bathrooms.   As of now the weather forecast is quite good, no difficulties.

Phill has electronics good to go for background music and Zoom-ing the meeting.  We have a large bag of charcoal for grills for you to cook whatever grillable or roastable goodies you bring.  Halloween style treats (packaged) are ok to bring and share, but not yet homemade treats out of an abundance of caution. Drinking is ok if we avoid D&D (drunk and OK disorderly).  Sorry, No bouncy Galileo or Inflatable Trelane's Castle.

Speaking of Zoom, we'll have the meeting up and running a little ahead of time and keep it up until there's nobody on.  If you're at the meeting in person, stop by the Zoom PC to say hi to those who can't make it this time.

See you all there!


Hallmark Keepsake is Enterprise, Strangely

Have you been collecting Hallmark's Keepsake ornaments since 1991?  Did you have to buy another tree to hold them all?  Fear not, we were not left in the cold this year.  Hallmark and Paramount waited until after the premiere of Strange New Worlds to announce this year's starship.  It's Chris Pike's Enterprise.

The ship is a little over 3" long, and the bridge, nacelles, and lights work. There is no connection to tree lights or power.

The ornament will be available October 8th.  For full details, click through to Hallmark's Ornament Page


Did You Know..

When someone says "Get A Life", consider this:

  • All 13 Star Trek films have a combined total of 25 hours and 17 minutes, or just over a full day.
  • Every single television series, both currently airing and retired, total up to 626 hours and 31 minutes, or just over 26 days.
  • Every series and movie combined totals to 651 hours and 48 minutes, meaning it will take over 27 days to watch them all uninterrupted.

We've watched at least 39,000 minutes of Star Trek (not counting repeats).

Picard Fans – Here’s One of those Thousand Ships…

Yes, the October Hallmark Premiere Day includes the La Sirena from Star Trek Picard.

Warp to the year 2399 with this Christmas tree ornament featuring La Sirena, the non-Federation cargo freighter hired by Jean-Luc Picard and owned by former Starfleet Commander Cristóbal Ríos. The highly detailed decoration plays audio of some of Picard's quotes from "Star Trek: Picard" (battery-operated). Engage!

Buy a dozen and a very large orchid and re-enact the ultimate fight scene.

Details at the Hallmark website.

2021-2022 Calendar is Available on the Website

In September we set our calendar for the coming year.  It's now available online in the Nokomis Website.  Click on the EVENTS tab to see the upcoming events.  You'll find preliminary details, links to new articles or signup sheets (if any) and the times associated.

Where an event is shown as Penciled In, we've loosely scheduled it - be aware it can move as the event plan forms up. Want to try your hand at running an event?  These are tailor made for practice.

It's gonna be a fun year, and hopefully the world remains healthy enough for all of this to happen.

Happy New Club Year!!