June Picnic Still has a Location

Our June Anniversary Picnic is currently set for Bloomington Park's West Bush Lake Picnic Shelter #1.  As of this writing the shelter is still available to us.

The City of Bloomington is doing sort of rolling cancellations, not wanting to cancel when things could be open.  Phill spoke to the parks director today, mostly because he answered the phone himself.  They meet to discuss this twice a month, and right now our date is still listed as open. May was completely canned at their last meeting including Memorial Day weekend.

By our meeting this weekend our best info is we are still on, so a discussion of how we do it is on the agenda for the May General Membership meeting this weekend.  The City’s next discussion is set for May 15th and we will post updates here when we hear anything.


Discovery Season 3

The wait for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has been extended somewhat. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the series has reportedly been delayed until later in the year. But, fear not Stark Trek fans, as there's still plenty to learn about the upcoming season, which will take us boldly beyond where Star Trek has ever been before as we jump 930 years into the future – a period in the Star Trek timeline that has so far remained unexplored.

What hints do you see in the trailer?  Certainly Burnham spends time alone enough to grow out her hair, and she finds the crew (eventually).  What else do you see?



Chuck-Wagon Fundraiser – Now a Fall Favorite

We've got the hall and the plan ready, the Chuckwagon Dinner and Fundraiser will take place on

25 October, 2020

Remember, the dinner tickets you hold are good that day!  Hold on to those auction items, and be ready to buy in to the second 50/50 Raffle within the year.  Round out the day with some baked goods and the world will be a fine place indeed.

Hope we get to see everybody there!

Still Isolated in April

Remember, the April meeting of the Nokomis is notable for two things

  • It's Easter Weekend
  • We will be meeting virtually again.

Yes, the libraries and set to open again on Friday, April 10th per the current stay-at-home order, but it seems likely to be extended.  We'll have the ZOOM Meeting Code for you in next week's mail list.

Don't drive to Champlin, you'll be social distancing but not in the way you want.  See you online on the 11th of April.

Chuck-wagon Drawing – and the Winner Is…

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to say that Harrison Frazee won the ½ and ½ raffle for the Chuck Wagon.  I brought the tickets into the office this morning and we found a box to mix them up.  I had a bunch of the employees (who support us by buying tickets each year) surround us and our head mechanic drew the winning ticket for Harrison.  We took in $524.00 in raffle ticket money of which I wrote and mailed a check to Harrison this morning in the amount of $262.00.  I’m sure he will be pleasantly surprised.  Harrison always, always jumps in and helps whenever he can so it’s with a happy heart we send him our hearty congratulations. 😊😊

Thanks again everyone for selling tickets and especially to Mary and Jack for collecting from those who had not had a chance to mail their tickets to me.  They collected and then drove them all the way down to my house so I sincerely appreciate their time, gas and efforts!!!!   Plus even though we stayed apart from each other it was really great seeing their smiling faces!!


‘Star Trek: Picard’ Star Patrick Stewart Announces Free Month of CBS All Access

from Variety.com

Engage(d audience)!

Actor Patrick Stewart announced on Tuesday that, starting immediately, CBS All Access is offering a month free subscription to anyone in the U.S. through April 23.

The announcement comes just as tens of millions of Americans are finding themselves sequestered at home during the COVID-19 pandemic — and just as Stewart’s CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Picard” reaches its season finale, which drops this Thursday.

Stewart posted a link to redeem the free month to Twitter and Instagram — all users have to do is use the code “GIFT” when signing up.


Read the rest of the article at Variety.com

LLS Month of Giving

Every year, Jersey Mike's Subs helps raise money for a special local charity. Jersey Mike's locations in the Twin Cities are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Minnesota with 100% of of sales being donated on March 25th. The money goes to help with patient transportation, personal costs to patients and families undergoing treatment, research, and to help fund LLS' largest celebration of their survivors of blood cancer each year.

With recent events, we are expecting a loss of the amount of money we raise for LLS. We have been raising money at each of our meetings and many of you have come to my stores on the Day of Giving helping raise hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years. If you were planning on donating at the March meeting or going to the store for the Day of Giving but can't make it, please consider donating at this link. If you are still up to participate, know that the stores will still be open and delivery on our app is available to make the day a special one!

Thank you to everyone for all of your continued support!

USS Nokomis in the era of isolation

The world around has changed, and we change to respond. For decades we've met at set times, together to share plans, accomplishments, stories, and challenges. But now, we must change...

The novel coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID-19 can't be beat yet, we can only slow it down by taking precautions not to get infected, and even more importantly to prevent transmitting to others who might not be able to fight it off. To that end, we will meet using technology rather than location; we will plan on a far shorter timeline than monthly meetings might allow, and we will avoid events that unnecessarily expose anyone to the virus. We will react quickly with a primary focus on the health of our members and families.

Starting immediately, we change how we communicate

  • The calendar will be near real-time, and show change as well as current plans.  If an event was planned for a date and time and must be cancelled or postponed, the original date will remain in place with that label.  You can read the calendar through the Events menu
  • Rather than large, curated articles for a monthly newsletter, we'll post short articles as we learn. If you have information to share with the group, post it to the site using the Post an Article link under the MY USSNOKOMIS menu.  It will get a review before it's posted to be sure we get all the information to the right places.
  • Because things will change quickly, we won't wait for the monthly newsletter. Every Wednesday at noon, the website will automatically create a journal of newly published posts and sent it out to you.  Please take the time to read it.

If this were simply a few weeks of inconvenience we would not need these changes, time would be our friend.  It is not. Though we hope for a quick reduction in illness and rapid deployment of viable protections, our experience says the first will take months, the later will take far longer barring some luck and hard work.

Some of what we invent today may live on - please let us know what is working for you, and what needs some polish.

NLC Gala is going online

The National Lutheran Choir just sent out a notice that the Gala will be held online this year, in line with all of the other affected events this spring.  Look for details how or if we can help, but it's safe to assume we won't be going to the hotel on the 19th of April.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Chuckwagon Dinner Postponed – Here’s the details.

The March 29th Chuckwagon Fundraiser Dinner has been postponed, not cancelled.  It was announced at the meeting before we knew how serious the lockdowns were going to be, and it turned out to be the right move.  We'll be rescheduling it in the fall, presumably after we've gotten through the worst.

Dinner Tickets: Let our ticket-buying guests know that we won't be holding the event, and that we've rescheduled to October 25th. The tickets they've purchased for dinner will still be good on then.

50/50 Raffle: Since you don't need to be present to win, we don't need to be present to hold the raffle.  We will still be drawing the winner on March 29th.  If you sold raffle tickets, please do two things for us

  1. Get the money to Pam, via check, PayPal (instructions later), or you can email Pam at for further instructions
  2. Get the tickets with the purchaser's name on it to Pam for the drawing, still being held on March 29th.

Silent Auction Items: We really don't have a way to complete the auction remotely. We're still going to need them, just 7 months later.  Please hang on to 'em, create new ones with all the new time we have.

Thank you to  everyone who's sold tickets, made auction items, and planned another great event.

PayPal instructions

You'll need your own PayPal account to make this work. Log in to PayPal and select the Send/Receive menu item at the top of the page.  When asked who to sent the money to, enter ''. Since this counts as Sending to a Friend, there's no fee involved.  In the message, please list your name and what the money covers, let's make Pam's job easier.  Walk through the rest of the menu, and you'll complete in no time.