Captain’s Log – October 2017

Greetings, crew!

If you missed the September meeting, you missed the unveiling and approval of our new year's calendar. Here are the activities we have planned for the rest of this year and 2018:

October 2017
Governing Board Meeting – 13
Membership Meeting and Awards Ceremony – 14
Zoo Boo – 21-22/28-29

November 2017
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting – 11
Possible Mall Scavenger Hunt – 11

December 2017
Holiday Event – 9

January 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting – 6
January Dance – 13
Feed My Starving Children Packing Coon Rapids – 23

February 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting – 10
Valentine Dinner Fundraiser – TBD
Theater Outing – TBD

March 2018
MarsCon – 2 to 4
MarsCon Blood Drive – 3
Twin Cities Regional Science Fair – 2,3
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting – 10
St. Patrick’s Day Party/Beer Tasting – 10
Possible Theater Outing – TBD
Begin election campaign for 2018 Governing Board

April 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting – 14
Chuckwagon Social – 21
NLC Gala – TBD
Possible Escape Room Outing – TBD

May 2018
Journey to Babble Brewery Tour – TBD
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting – 12
Possible Construction Day – TBD

June 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting and Anniversary Picnic – 9

July 2018
CONvergence – 5 to 8
CONvergence Blood Drive – 7
Garden Party – TBD
Feed My Starving Children Packing – TBD

August 2018
Drive-in Movie Night – TBD
Starfleet Convention – 10 to 11
Lake Campout – 17 to 19
Star Trek Bar Crawl – TBD
Possible St Paul Saints Game – TBD

September 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting and Bowling Party – 8
Renaissance Festival Outing – TBD

October 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting and Awards Ceremony – 13

November 2018
Governing Board Meeting – TBD
Membership Meeting and Bake Sale – 10

December 2018
Holiday Event – 8

How's that for a bunch of fun? We are always willing to add events to the calendar if you'd like to propose something, provided the group approves. It certainly helps if you're willing to lead the way with planning, but it's not necessary.

Now it's time to move on with our year. Please join us at the October meeting for the yearly awards ceremony. Make sure you've paid your dues, too!! Remember that they're all due in September. We're sure to find a nice place for dinner after the meeting, too, so plan for that.

See you around the galaxy!


Captain’s Log September 2017

Greetings, Crew!

Here we are, back to a new year of fun. September is the beginning of our club year and we have lots of great things in store, as always. We'll start out on the 9th with our general membership meeting and annual bowling party. We've invited the other clubs to attend, so help pass the word if you know folks who'd like to come. We hope you'll join us at Boca Chica afterwards, so please add your name to the list for the reservation.

At the September meeting we always unveil our upcoming calendar. You'll hear all of the things the Governing Board proposes for October 2017 to December 2018. Then the membership will approve that calendar and we'll start to plan. Keep in mind that the calendar is always evolving, so any social or charitable event you crave could become a reality. Just suggest it to a board member for consideration.

If you haven't come to the last few October meetings, you'll want to make it this year. This will be our third annual awards session and review of our year. It's amazing what fun things we do!

We are currently looking for a fun activity for our December calendar, so if you have an idea let's hear it! We've done everything from outdoor activities to fancy parties to theater outings, so anything is fair game. We'll discuss this decision at the September meeting.

I hope everybody is enjoying the late summer offerings in the area, from the Fair to the RenFest to apple orchards and more. See you around the galaxy!


The Super Swell Movie Night was Super Swell

On August 26th we had a nice time at the backyard movie night. We weren't in the back yard due to the rainy weather, but that didn't stop the fun.

Our theme was Halloween in August. We watched two episodes of extraordinary high quality - Spock's Brain and Catspaw. Our menu included Sylvia's Salad, Transmuter Pie and Sigma Draconis Pie (regular and Vegan shepherd's pies), Brain and Brain Cake, Morg and Eymorg Cookies and Korob's Wands. Popcorn capped the evening as we watched several documentary segments from the Roddenberry Vault. Previously unseen original series footage is rare, so it was especially fun to see these programs.

We were sad that the Star was missing, but she was here with us in spirit, we're sure. I am thankful that Lynne stepped in with great ideas and lots of work so our event could go on. Thanks also to Phill and Jack for their part in the evening and to everyone that attended.


It’s Time for 2017’s Super Swell Movie Night!

Our annual outdoor movie night moves back outdoors on August 26th. Your hosts this year will be Mary and Lynne (and Jack and Phill will back us up, of course). The fun starts at 7pm in the backyard of the Captain's Quarters.

The cost of the event is still $12 and includes your meal and entertainment. Please bring a beverage of your choice and something to sit on (most people bring chairs but blankets work, too). Please sign up online ASAP or let Mary know if you plan to attend so we can plan the amount of food. You can send a check to Mary or pay on PayPal for a nominal fee. We need to know who's coming by August 16th.

The only other thing you need to know is that there is Star Trek on the menu. Please join us for the fun, rain or shine!

More inside...

Meeting and Bowling Party on September 9th – Special Location

Dig out your bowling balls and shoes. Polish up those throws! Get ready to bowl your fingers numb!!

Following our September 2017 General Membership meeting we will again have free/open bowling at St. Francis School, 426 Osceola Avenue South in St Paul. The meeting is also at this location at noon, and then we'll bowl at 2pm. Following bowling, we'll have dinner together at a nearby location (most likely Boca Chica since we loved it last time).

Free balls, $1.00 shoes, free bowling–what’s not to love! You don't have to be a pro - just come and have a good time.

Captain’s Log – August 2017

Greetings, crew.

It's been a summer of emotion - both good and sorrowful. It will be good to see everyone at the movie night on August 26th and when we start our new year on September 9th. I don't have a lot to say, so take care until we are together again.


2017-2018 Calendar

Your governing board will be putting together the next year's calendar before the September meeting. If you have an idea for a social activity, fundraiser or charitable effort, let one of the board know as soon as possible.

CONvergence 2017

We had a great time at the convention this year. Many club members hung out in the room and enjoyed entertaining the guests. We had one room, featuring the curvy beams, bar, console and transporter. We served over 2,300 drinks, setting a new record.

Our theme this year was A Piece of the Action. We had some cute dolls and handsome guys, plus a few Starfleet personnel and civilians. Of course, we did it all by The Book.

Thanks so much to the numerous crew members that did the work. It's a big effort to load the truck, construct the room, work three late nights in a row, then take it all back down and pack it up. Everybody did a great job.

I always like to find the quote of the con, and here's the best one I heard this year. A young man came in the door, took a look around in awe, and breathed, "This is everything I want in life, right here!" That's what it's all about.