Star Trek: Picard Premier is January 23rd

See the 23rd Century on the 23rd! Star Trek: Picard, a CBS All Access streaming show, premiers this week!

Patrick Stewart is going where no Starfleet captain has gone before: into his very own series, decades after wrapping up his original Star Trek run. He'll have a furry companion, old crew mates along for the ride and plenty of new characters to contend with.

It's the 8th Star Trek series and we're going to enjoy the premier together! Please join us at the Town Hall Brewery in the back room at 5:30pm and we'll have time to order and eat before the show. This will be our third premier in this location (1430 Washington Avenue South) and they've been wonderful to us each time, and the food is great! Check out the menu at Please sign up on the signup sheet so we can plan for seating and feel free to bring the club's friends along.

Captain’s Log – January 2020

Wow, we've reached the Roaring 20s, and what a year this is going to be for Star Trek! It will be the first time in history that four different Trek properties are in production at the same time. I wonder what Gene Roddenberry would have said if someone had suggested such a thing in 1966. We will be sharing the premier of one of these shows - Star Trek: Picard - on January 23rd and I hope everyone can join us (more information later in this newsletter). Once we find out the premier dates of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 and Star Trek: Lower Decks we may be scheduling joint screenings, too. And of course Short Treks have been really entertaining!

Now that we've started the year, we have a critical issue to discuss and decide. We need to verify that we'll have participants for CONvergence 2020 in August and will be able to host a party room this year. We will have a meeting on January 11th before the membership meeting and hope to see many of you there. The membership meeting is only a mile away, so we'll meet at our home and adjourn in time to get to the meeting location. Even if you're not sure about your plans in August, please come and give your input. Everyone is welcome.

Speaking of conventions, we have MarsCon 2020 coming up at the end of February. For this convention we will not be hosting a party room. This is due to a lack of volunteers to help create and set up the room. I'm hoping that everybody is saving up their energy for CONvergence! We will, of course, be hosting our annual American Red Cross blood drive, so we'll have a presence at the con. Because we're not hosting a room, we're free to participate in the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair, which is a great event!

I hope to see everyone at the January membership meeting on the 11th. See you around the galaxy!


35th Anniversary Party was a Great Time!

Thanks to everyone that worked to put on a great event on December 7th. It was one of our best parties ever, with great attendance, excellent food, fun dancing, lots of great games and door prizes, plus visiting and being together. Thanks to Pam, Roxanne, Lynne, Emma, Jane and Phill for great planning and lots of work.

We brought out the big props and they were a great hit. Many, many pictures of folks in the transporter and the captain's chair made it to social media, along with the bridge console. Thanks to Jack, Bob, Nick, Harrison and drivers Scott and Jim for making this a reality for us.

The costume contest was really fun and we had a great group of participants, with categories including Most Screen Accurate, Best Homemade, Most Unique and Judge's Choice. Judge Extraordinaire Chad did a wonderful job and made it fun for all!

Finally, thanks to Joann, Grover, and everyone else that pitched in at the party. I'm always so proud of our group when we put together such a fun time. We are really lucky to have been going strong for so many years!


Yumminess at the November Meeting!

Saturday, November 9th is our big bake sale, so bring your baked goods and money to buy yummy things!! Don’t be shy – buy something to bring if you aren’t a baker. If you can’t bring something, you’ll still go home happy and end up to impress friends and family at work or an upcoming event!

Valentine Dinner is Coming Up!

The 2020 Valentine Dinner, hosted by our 20-somethings, will be held on Saturday, February 15th this year. If you haven’t been to the event, here’s a taste (so to speak): past menus have included Osso Bucco, Chicken Wellington, pan-fried gnocchi, performance desserts, regional cuisine themes, homemade candies, spicy margarita-filled gelatin bubbles, Cream of Curried Carrot soup, Black Pepper Raspberry Sorbet, Swiss Chard bundles stuffed with creamy mushrooms, and so much more!

This event is our most formal evening and seating is limited, so sign up at the November and January meetings or let Mary know you are interested. If the number of signups exceeds the capacity, a drawing is held to determine the guest list. Tickets are $35 and excess funds benefit our general fund. Emma, Shannon and Harrison are eager to host us again this year!

Captain’s Log – November 2019

Greetings to all and go Vikings! Sorry, I had to throw that in there. We save some wonderful fun coming up in the next few months and we hope you can join us. Lots of details are in this newsletter. You’ll want to pay special attention to the dates and due dates here, as there will be a special event reminder instead of a full newsletter in the month of December.

I’m very excited about our big 35th anniversary party, and hope you are too. Not only are we merging the holiday party and January Dance into one event for the low price of $15,  but we also are inviting everyone! We’ll have our props and Star Trek costumes out, too. If you’ve ever wanted to show your friends and family the Star Trek side of our club, here’s your chance. We hope to get a great group like we did for Trek 50, so bring ‘em on!

Here’s an early plug for our upcoming election in 2020. If you’ve dreamed of becoming a member of the governing board and want to be more involved in shaping the club’s activities, you can! Let me or another board member know, and we’ll explain what it’s all about. Nominations will be accepted from the March meeting until the election at the May meeting.

We hope to see you at our upcoming events. See you around the galaxy!


35th Anniversary Party Needs YOU!

As you know, we’re having our 35th bash at the American Legion in Savage on December 7th. There will be food, games, a costume contest, dancing to our favorite DJ, and more. We’re very excited to let you know that we’ve kept the cost down to $12! This event replaces both our holiday annual event and our January dance, and we really hope everyone can join us for this once in a lifetime anniversary.

This is a public event and you can invite everyone you know, so spread the word!! If you need an emailable/postable notice, let me or a board member know and we’ll get you one. We really want to get the word out. If you’re on Facebook, please forward the notice to everyone you know that may be interested, in fandom and out.

It’s very important to note that we are not taking people at the door. We need to work with the Legion and let them know the number before that night, so people must buy their tickets in advance on the website. The absolute drop dead date for registering is November 29th, so please use the link to PayPal as soon as possible to pay your $12 and let us know you’re coming. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to do this – it’s just like any other pay-on-line site so anyone can do it.

If you can help with the party plans, please join us at the Perkins at 494 and France for a planning meeting at 2pm on Saturday, November 23rd. This is the final planning meeting and we have several tasks that don’t have an owner, so please don’t be shy! Every one of you is welcome to come and we really need the help. We particularly need someone that is interested in running the costume contest and games, since the board members will be busy at other tasks. Please let me know if you'll be joining us and we'll get a big enough table. If you can’t make it but can help, let me know. We also need people to help at the party – with fun stuff like the costume contest and games – so let me know that, too!