Hats and Mittens Donations

Don’t forget to bring your donations of hats and mittens to the November Nokomis meeting and the 35th Anniversary Party. Karen and Mark will kindly make our donation for us. If you don't have time to shop, or know the right place, never fear! We have elves that will do your shopping for you - simply donate money instead! Thanks in advance for helping this worthy organization to help kids stay warm this winter.

Captain’s Log – October 2019

Greetings, and welcome to winter, or summer, or fall, or something! The temperature has swung over 40 degrees in the last week, so I’m not quite sure.

Please plan to join us for the annual recognition ceremony at the October meeting. We’ll talk about what we did this year and remember all the fun, plus look back over the years. There will be some awards, and a special CONvergence report. It’s a great time to come if you haven’t paid your dues this year, too (hint, hint). After the meeting we will surely have a good meal together and continue the nice day.

Another great time will be had by all at the November meeting, and not just because the meetings are so riveting! Nope, it’s also because we’ll have our annual bake sale. Bring some baked goods if you can, even if you didn’t bake them with your own hands (but we’d love it if you did). Better yet, bring some cash to buy the yummies that other people bring. This is an important fundraiser, so get a treat for all of your friends.

This is super important – we are going in to heavy planning mode for the 35th Anniversary party on December 7th and we need lots of hands. Please plan to attend the planning meeting on and to help us make it a blast. Come and help, and come to the planning meeting on October 12th. More in the newsletter below.

If you missed the September meeting, you missed the awesome new calendar we’ve put together for the next year. Keep checking back on the website for updates, and we hope to see everybody at the upcoming events!

See you around the galaxy!

Captain Mary

USS Nokomis 35th Anniversary Party Plans

As you know, we’re having our 35th bash at the American Legion in Savage on December 7th. There will be food, games, a costume contest, dancing to our favorite DJ, and more.

This is a public event and you can invite everyone you know, so spread the word!! If you need an emailable/postable notice, let me or a board member know and we’ll get you one. We really want to get the word out. It’s very important to note that we are not taking people at the door. We need to work with the Legion and let them know the number before that night, so people must but their tickets in advance on the website. Brush off your dancing shoes and costumes – we are going to have some fun!

If you can help, please join us at the Champlin Culver's for a planning meeting before the October 12th membership meeting. It's just a few doors down from the meeting location, and we're meeting at 10am. We need to decide on some critical things, like food and cost, costume contest format, props that will be used, etc. Every one of you is welcome to come and we truly value your input. Please let me know if you'll be joining us and we'll get a big enough table.


Hats and Mittens

It’s exciting to announce that we are collecting for Hats and Mittens for the 5th year in a row! Hats & Mittens raises money, collects hundreds of hats and mittens for homeless children, and increases awareness of smaller and emerging non-profits serving children.

You can help by bringing a hat and mitten set (preferred to gloves) to the October and November Nokomis meetings, and to the 35th Anniversary Party. Karen and Mark will kindly make our donation for us. If you don't have time to shop, or know the right place, never fear! We have elves that will do your shopping for you - simply donate money instead!

Thanks in advance for helping this worthy organization to help kids stay warm this winter

Captain’s Log – September 2019


I hope you've all had a fantastic summer! There will be much catching up in September, I'm sure. In my family, we've had lots of travel for work, fun at the cabin, a trip to Buffalo for the Vikings game and to Niagara Falls, and all kinds of other fun. Plus, we made it to the Fair SIX TIMES!! Just like always, it's like a switch is flipped on Labor Day, and it's fall again and time for our new USS Nokomis year.

First things first: don't forget that all dues are due in September. Send yours by PayPal or bring them in person to the membership meeting. As promised, we'll also have some cool USS Nokomis umbrellas at the meeting for those who didn't get them at the 35th anniversary picnic. Heads up - there are FOUR UMBRELLAS! Speak up, or forever get wet. And don't forget that it's bowling time! See below for the details and join us. Everybody's welcome to this one - friends, family, kids, aliens from other clubs and worlds, etc.

New this year: please send me a note if you want to nominate someone for an award. Each October we have a fun review of our year at the membership meeting. We also have awards. These aren't your typical awards - we've had everything from the Miles O'Brien Award, the Dabo Girl Award, the Quatloo Queen Award, and more. You can make up your own, if you want, to recognize someone for something they've done that's kind, labor-intensive, or just pretty neat. No logical submission will be turned down!

It's time to start our planning for the big 35th Anniversary Bash on December 7th. Everyone is welcome to be on the committee to do the planning, and as you know the work is not hard and not long. We'll likely have dinner, dancing and fun, just like we had at Trek 50. This will be open to everyone, so tell your friends and plan to have a nice time at our (can you believe it?) 35th anniversary event.

Finally, welcome aboard to our new members! We hope to see you at the meeting in September and the bowling afterwards, so we can get to know you better!

See you around the galaxy!


Don’t forget: Bowling after our September Membership Meeting!

Once again the USS Nokomis general meeting for September will be followed by bowling(as much as you want! it's covered!) at St. Francis Bowling Center, 426 Osceola Ave S, St. Paul MN. 55102.

First we have our meeting and make sure we've paid our membership dues for September 2019 to August 2020. Second we take a break and do yoga. Third we bowl.  Fourth we eat, at a restaurant, because that is a thing we do after meetings! Just kidding, we don't do yoga!  The September meeting is for going over the recommended activities for the next year, getting more ideas and reviewing the fun things we've done in the past year.

The bowling is for fun and our first 2019-2020 activity.  After our meeting is over the lanes are turned on and you can bowl until 4 pm or your arms give out!  Whichever comes first!  You may bring your own ball and kit or use the bowling centers supplies.  All members are welcome and we always welcome members of other science fiction groups.  If you are not a Nokomis member (or + 1) please email the to give us an estimate on numbers to expect.

So see you on Saturday September 14 at noon.

Roxanne Hill

2019 Movie Night Recap

We had lots of fun under the stars at the movie night on August 17th. The theme this year was Food, Glorious Food, and our episodes included By Any Other Name (TOS), Body and Soul (VOY) and Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG). Can you figure out how each one of those is related to food? Truthfully, we would have gone on to another one, but the big storm was approaching. We cleaned up just in time!

Our food was great. We had Denebian Porcupine Balls, Hasperat, Smashed Leola Root, Berry Nut Greens, Horta Eggs (Mocha and Peanut Butter) and Orange Cheesecake of the Prophets. Of course, no movie night is complete without fresh-popped corn!

Thanks to everyone that came, and special thanks to Lynne and Dawn for helping with the food, and Phill for his audio/visual expertise!

Mary & Jack

Duluth Tall Ships

Special thanks to Denise and Mike for hosting us at their lovely cabin in Wisconsin on August 10th. We had a great time on the water, great food and a nice fire, and wonderful company. A small group trekked up to Duluth to watch the magnificent ships on Sunday, too. Don't we do fun stuff?

Feed My Starving Children – July Packing Event

We had a great crew of folks packing at the Eagan location in July to send food to kids in need. As usual, it went way too fast and when they called time, we were all ready to go longer. However, as usual we were soothed by dinner at a yummy nearby restaurant. Plus, we know we can do it again in January! Thanks to those who came to help out!!