Chuckwagon and Auction Ticket Info SNOW Delay changes


We were going to collect your dinner/auction ticket sale payments and raffle collections during the March 9 general membership meeting!  But weather!! It happened!! All over the place!!!!

So we now need you to email me with how many tickets you sold for the dinner (those really coming to eat, not just making a donation by paying $12, though we love those folks too!) by this Wednesday, March 13. You will need to pay me at the auction for those tickets. I need you to send the information to me at just as soon as you can.  I do not assume you will sell all the tickets you picked up--so contact me.

This also gives you a bit more time to sell more tickets, or decide to come and still give us just enough time to turn our counts in to the restaurant and to purchase/make additional items.

The deadline to give me your final count is Wednesday, March 13 (gives you a little more time to talk your friends and victims into coming!).


You may still sell raffle tickets until the day of the dinner and give me your ticket stubs and payments then (March 31/Sunday).

For those that were not in on the dinner and auction at the beginning we used to make all the menu items for the dinner ourselves.  With the change of location and menu we now manage side dishes and some of the beverages.  However, we are all club members and volunteers, plus we work too, so we need time to put together 'our' part of the meal.  (I've had people ask about the hard deadlines for meal counts recently--this is to give us time around our lives to manage the event, as well as to meet the restaurant deadlines).


Again because of weather I was not able to collect any auction items at the meeting that never lived! You may still put together your baskets, kits and fun things and bring them to the event with you. BUT, please send me an email so I can print a bid sheet for your donation.

For donations for Door Prizes, donor name is sufficient.

For donations for Cash'n'Carry items, donor name, item name/any special info, and price.

For donations for Auction, donor name, item name/special info/description and estimated cost. Then your minimum bid and quick sale price if you wish to have one.  Please note ADULT ONLY items as such (when auction items include alcohol or firearms or other adult only items).

Any questions? Any prize info? Any ticket sales/counts?    email or text/voice mail to 763-222-8234.  Please be sure to give your name!