Captain’s Log – February 2017

Greetings, crew!

I hope everyone is having a good new year so far. We've already had four get-togethers, including the two meetings, Feed My Staving Children and January Dance. If you haven't yet joined us, please plan to do so in the coming months. We have many fun things planned.

If you have any science background, try the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair. It's a very rewarding experience and fun to exercise those critical thinking skills. If you aren't a scientific mind, come along to help with other tasks. This event can sound a bit intimidating, but really, it's fun. Plus, after we're done we'll go out to eat and talk about the evening.

Details are in this newsletter for MarsCon and the St Patrick's Beer Tasting Party. We hope to see you at both of those events. They are both opportunities to relax, visit and have fun.

Also, it's time to be thinking about the 2017 Chuckwagon. The event is on April 22nd. Information will be coming in the next few newsletters, but here's the important thing to think about right now - we need auction items! Please keep your eyes open for items you can donate. This includes your own creations as well as purchased items, so if you have a special talent please consider donating the fruits of your labor. My family will be donating (at least) a Christmas ornament wreath, a decorated cake for 100 people and two gift baskets. Does that give you some good ideas? Tickets will soon be available and we hope each of you will buy and sell some!

Finally, here's a scoop. We have decided on the room theme for CONvergence. We'll be recreating the original series episode A Piece of the Action, complete with gangsters and The Book. Some of us have gangster costumes already, and those who don't should be able to find the necessary accoutrements at a thrift or customer store. You could also consult The Book if you can find a copy! Save the dates from July 6th to the 9th and register at

See you around the galaxy!



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