CHUCKWAGON 2017 was the most successful yet!! 

CHUCKWAGON 2017 was the most successful yet!!

We sold 111 tickets this year!!  The menu was three types of chili with all the fixings you could possibly imagine.  The American Legion cooked the main chili and we received lots of compliments on how wonderful all the chili’s tasted.  The auction was outstanding with wonderful items to pick from.

We made a change from the VFW in St Paul to the American Legion in Savage.  The room was fantastic, open and larger than previously used.  The staff at the American Legion were absolutely superior – they were so helpful with anything we needed.  We are so, so excited to announce that after expenses we made $2,419.41.  The largest income from this event ever made!!  Of that amount we will be donating $245.00 to the Veteran’s Palliative Care Unit in loving memory of our dear Lucia Johnson.

Please note the 2017 Chuckwagon was our seventh year for this fundraiser.  In the seven years we have made $12,599.64 in profits!  THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND CONTINUED EFFORTS!!

ZooBoo 2014 is a Rousing Success!!

NokomisBoo1Zoo Boo 2014 completed last night, with over 21,000 guests through the gate!  Five perfect days of weather brought out between 2,500 and 5,500 guests each night.

The Nokomis populated the Halloween station, the first point the crowd saw after entering the event.  Our smiling faces set the crowd on their way thorough Trick or Treat Land.  A giant smiling Jack O Lantern face on the 'Corn Crib' cage completed the mood. NokomisBoo2

A dozen of our heartiest members worked the nights of the event for well over 50 hours' effort just in those two weekends, and four of our members put in well over 100 hours each during the year long preparation event.  Thank You to All!  We can't do it without you.