An Important (and sticky) Note from Lori

Long time USS Nokomis members have fond memories of a summertime tradition, The Peep Toss. The first event took place approximately twenty years ago and continued annually through 2006. Many a strange and wonderful contraption was constructed in the noble effort to “Give Wings To The Flightless” and now you, yes, you have the opportunity to participate in this magnificent effort once again. I, the Poobah of Peep-dom and the Maven of Marshmallow, will be there to witness and oversee it in all if its brightly colored, sugar encrusted glory!

On June 8th at the 35th Anniversary Picnic the members of our Grand Organization will be launching our small, squishy, wingless friends skyward! How, you ask, may I participate in this Most Altruistic of Endeavors?  The rules are few. The participant is to construct a device to launch, fling or otherwise propel a marshmallow Peep as far as possible. The Peep must at some point fly free of the device. The devices may include, but are not limited to cannons, catapults, slingshots, or one’s own strong arm. Any method of propulsion is allowed as long as it complies with local laws and park rules. Impressively loud cool noises such as produced by a small explosion are heartily encouraged. All Peeps will be provided by the officials. The Peep itself may not be altered in any way. Each participant will place their device completely behind the firing line in turn and will launch one Peep. Misfires will be allowed a second attempt. The statistician will record the distance that said Peep travels. As you have certainly already surmised, the farthest distance is the winner. There will be prizes for first, second and third place which the winners will select from the also revived Mysterious and Wondrous Bag O’ Goodies. As you may recall, this Bag was the source of Great Hilarity and Fabulousness in the past and I do not intend to disappoint my fellow Nokomisites with its return!

Now, my most philanthropic and creative friends, I encourage you to put on your Thinking Caps and devise a way to help a small, flightless avian soar!

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