Fifty Years of Trek, Thirty Two Years of USS Nokomis

Star Trek celebrated its 50th Anniversary in September, 2016.   That same year the USS Nokomis celebrated 32 years  of Trek fandom.  If you're doing the math, that means the Nokomis started just as Captain Kirk was Searching for Spock in 1984.

This slide show captures a lot of the great times since the first time the Enterprise was destroyed, Kirk lost his command, and Spock got his stuff back together.  Just like Spock's katra, this may take a few minutes to download.

We Journeyed. We Drank. And We Babbled!

Eighteen Nokomis members participated in our "Journey To Babble" through Twin Cities craft breweries on Saturday, May 2, 2015, to see what all the foodie fuss is about. Turns out that there was plenty.

We lucked out big time with the perfect weather: clear sky, warm-but-not-hot temperatures, light breeze. Wow, who planned that?

Our four-stop adventure commenced at Northbound Brewpub where we grabbed a bite to eat along with our first beer samples. This place was a hit and deserves repeat visits with its excellent, innovative food at reasonable prices, gregarious and attentive waitstaff, and flavorful brews and cocktails. If nothing else, the idea of a smoked egg salad sandwich has piqued more than one participant’s interest, and I’m sure we will make Northbound another Nokomis after-meeting dining destination.

Next was a visit to Roseville’s Bent Brewstillery, which offered nice al fresco sipping and, surprisingly, dining courtesy of a food truck in the parking lot. We were surprised by the quality of the beer here and the variety of styles. Bent also offered a flight of craft sodas as well as cocktail-like coffee offerings. It also supplied a variety of card and board games. It did not take long for our lively group to find the “Cards Against Humanity” deck. Like Northbound, many members may seek this place out on their own, now that we know where it’s hidden, camouflaged in an ubiquitous industrial park. (Who knew?) Two thumbs up!

The idea was to challenge participants’ ideas and tastes, so that’s where the next stop, Burning Brothers Brewing, came in. Was it the best beer? Hmmm, maybe not for most tasters, but for anyone on a gluten-free regimen, Burning Brothers provides nice viable options.

Rounding out our day was a Twin Cities’ up-and-coming hotspot: Bauhaus Brew Labs. This place had a definite, young vibe, but one that welcomed everyone to its big, open-air party. Full tables of enthusiastic, friendly beer enthusiasts populated Bauhaus’ expansive warehouse and generous outside covered patio. The beer was good, but the greater appeal of this place is its social energy. Like Bent, there was a food truck available. It also had an popular bean bag toss game going on the patio. If you’re looking for a social experience, this is the place to go.

I think everyone had fun. While not every stop was stellar, all of them were worthwhile. After all, our goal was to sample and learn something new. And we did. And will again!




Journey To Babble: Maps & Last-Minute Info

Well, it's coming up, our Nokomis Beer Crawl! On Saturday, May 2, 2015, we're going to see what Minnesota’s burgeoning craft beer industry has to offer.

With the itinerary below, I have attached a PDF of maps of our destinations. I got the directions and travel times between stops from Google Maps, so I take no responsibility. I suggest you study the maps beforehand and make any adjustments to the directions you need to feel comfortable traveling during the day.

Our first stop, Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub, does not take reservations, so if you're going to join us for food and a brew, please be there at 11 a.m. SHARP so our large group (20+) will be able to be seated together. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee that you'll be seated with us. I did e-mail Northbound that our horde is coming, so maybe they'll make a space for us, but, again, no guarantees.

If you need a designated driver, both Dave Morem and Jane Dusek have offered their services. Please contact them directly if you would like to ride along with them.

The long-range forecast for May 2 is sunny and in the low 80s. I hope that prediction holds, LOL! It's going to be a fun day.


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Journey To Babble Brewery Tour Tentative Itinerary

Welcome to my tentative Nokomis Beer Crawl itinerary! Yes, we’re taking a jaunt through the Twin Cities on Saturday, May 2, 2015, to enjoy what Minnesota’s burgeoning craft beer industry has to offer.

I hope that I have put together a fun beer-tasting tour. I tried to keep this roster full of interesting, off-the-beaten-path brewers who offer something unique. On our four-stop adventure, we’ll start off at a brewpub where we can also grab a bite to eat before embarking on the rest of the tour. Beer-tasting on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea, after all.

Even if you’re not a beer drinker (like me), I believe you’ll find this daytrip interesting, at least from a beverage production perspective. In any case, I’m sure your beer-enjoying comrades wouldn’t mind having a designated driver along.

Below are 2015’s selected stops and their philosophies, all in their own words. Who better to tell their stories than the brewmasters themselves?

In the meantime, if you have any questions, be sure to let me know. Hope to see you there!


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Chuckwagon Dinner To Also Benefit “SAVE”

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States for all ages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every day, approximately 105 Americans die by suicide—that’s over 38,000 Americans every year. They leave behind an estimated quarter-million people—spouses, parents, siblings, friends—who become suicide survivors.

For our Chuckwagon Dinner, the U.S.S. Nokomis is directing a portion of the proceeds to SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), a Bloomington-based organization with a national reach in suicide prevention. SAVE’s mission is “to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, reduce stigma and serve as a resource to those touched by suicide.” We do this in memory of Nokomis member Bill Bredesen, who passed in August 2011.

SAVE’s prevention and education programs are designed to:

  • Increase knowledge about depression, other brain illnesses and the need for assessment and treatment as suicide prevention.
  • Increase knowledge about symptoms of depression and the warning signs of suicidal thinking and behavior.
  • Increase understanding and the use of intervention skills that can help avoid the tragedy of suicide.
  • Increase knowledge about community resources and how to access and use them.

SAVE also provides customized training programs for:

  • Clergy.
  • Mental health professionals.
  • Medical professionals and others in hospitals and healthcare settings.
  • Law enforcement personnel.
  • Social services professionals.
  • Educators.

Issues such as risk assessment, community-based suicide prevention, environmental safety, gatekeeper training, intervention techniques, and documentation are some of the topics covered in SAVE’s professional education courses.

For every dollar raised, 92 cents goes directly toward programs. SAVE has earned the Independent Charities of America Seal of Excellence, which is awarded to nonprofit charitable organizations that have been independently reviewed annually and certified to meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. Of the 1,000,000+ charities operating in the United States today, fewer than 2,500 have been awarded this Seal. For more information about this worthy organization, go to