Captain’s Log – March 2019

Greetings, crew!!

March madness is upon us, and for the USS Nokomis that means a very busy month. First, we have MarsCon and the blood drive, plus the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair. This is followed by the General Membership Meeting and St Patrick's Day Beer Tasting Party on the second weekend. St Patrick's Day itself falls on the third weekend, for those of us who celebrate it. I have been participating in the Minneapolis parade as a Green Goddess for many, many years so that would be me, plus Emma these days. Finally, the very important Chuckwagon social and fundraiser falls on the last weekend of the month. I hope you're full of energy!!

All of these activities are very fun and important, but remember in particular that the Chuckwagon is our biggest fundraiser of the year. A lot of the other fun things we do hinge on this one day, so please come and bring friends and family. We put on a fun event and the cost is very reasonable. Plus, you can introduce unsuspecting others to your awesome Star Trek friends! Please make sure you remember about the 50-50 raffle, too. Even if you can't get people to come, a chance to win hundreds of dollars at very good odds, with proceeds going to charity, is a great way for people to help.

We have lots of fun coming up as the weather gets warmer (not yet warmer, I know). We'll start to emerge from our homes in to the wide world and enjoy a Drinko De Mayo, anniversary picnic, summer fun and CONvergence, and more.

Don't forget that this is an election year. If you are interested in running for a position on the Governing Board, nominations will be taken at the March, April and May meetings. Ask a board member if you want more information. The election will take place at the May General Membership meeting, so plan to attend.

See you around the galaxy!


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