Captain’s Log, Supplemental: February 10, 2021

Greetings, Crew!

Can you feel your face yet? Kinda cold here in the North, but you'll get all warm and cozy when you tune in for this Saturday's meeting. The Zoom information is below.

We're ready to start collecting recipes for our next cookbook. Email your recipes to me and I'll get them in the list. Remember that wonderful dish you brought to the last potluck that made everybody oooooh and aaaaah? That's the one to send, along with family favorites or fun things you've seen online. We'll be featuring the menus from past Valentine Dinners, too. The best part of compiling a cookbook in the modern world is the ease of copying and pasting your recipes right into the email, so bring 'em on. You can send as many as you want to

Don't forget that tonight is TC Trek Trivia. Anyone is welcome to join our team, so send me an email by 6pm and I'll include you. The fun starts at 7pm and the theme is "Love in the Time of Star Trek."

Finally, don't forget our upcoming pizza party on February 26th! We'll discuss it at the meeting and in upcoming newsletters.

See you around the Galaxy!


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