Captain’s Log, Supplemental: July 22nd, 2020

Greetings, Crew!!

Are you looking forward to the new Trek this year? I know I am!! There will be much discussion about the three series online this week, starting with lots of information at Comic-Con. Check out this teaser just released by CBS (click HERE ) and see more information in this week's newsletter post (below).

The biggest news here, of course, is the imminent release of Lower Decks on August 6th. It's just not going to be right if we don't celebrate the series premier in some way, so I'd love to hear your ideas. Do you want to watch it separately and then have a Zoom chat? Is there another idea for sharing the love? Let me know!!

Here's an update on our 20th CONvergence Blood Drive on August 22nd. It's from 9:30 to 3:30 at the DoubleTree Bloomington, and we'll be Plaza 5&6 (what CONvergence-goers know as the Art Show space). I'll be posting the link on our website and Facebook very soon, so keep you eyes open. If you'd like to donate, make sure you jump in and grab an appointment, since the drive is open to the public this year and not limited to con-goers. Donors will all be tested for COVID-19 antibodies and receive a $5 Amazon gift card, so slots fill up quickly!!

See you around the Galaxy!



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