Captain’s Log, Supplemental: July 29, 2020

Greetings, crew!

I can't believe the plethora of Star Trek and space tidbits this week! In addition to the other items you'll find below, the breaking news as of this writing is the release date for Season 3 of Discovery on October 15th! You can count on Comic-Con for all the news that is news across the nation, that's fer sure!

We've found a fun thing to do during this stay at home season - State Fair food trucks!!! We have located cheese curds and mini donuts so far, and there are many more every week. Check out the State Fair Food Finder on Facebook to see the many options spread all around the Cities. There's also the official State Fair Food Parade 2020. The tickets go on sale this Friday and they will sell out instantly, so if you're interested, be ready to order at noon!

Finally, note that the 20th Annual USS Nokomis CONvergence Blood Drive on August 22nd is live online. Go to and use sponsor code CONvergence to sign up, or use your Red Cross Blood Donor app. Since all donors will be tested for antibodies to COVID-19 at least through August, if you want to choose an appointment time you should do it ASAP. There will be lots of non-con people coming from the outside this time, as parking is not going to be tough at the DoubleTree since there's no con! Alternatively, let First Officer Jane know and she'll hook you up.

Take care everybody, and see you around the Galaxy!!


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