Captain’s Log, Supplemental: October 20, 2021

Greetings, Crew!

I hope everyone is doing well. Here are a few key happenings for you.

Just 8 more days until the series premier of Star Trek: Prodigy! We are working on details for a group viewing. It will either be in person or on Zoom (that was profound, wasn't it?). Keep your eyes on the website to find out the outcome. We'll post it as soon as possible. We're hoping for Town Hall Brewery's back room with some nicely distance tables, but time will tell...

I hope everybody has checked out the William Shatner space flight by now. It was pretty fun to watch! I had the opportunity to talk about it on the Channel 5 news. The news crew came to my house to discuss the impact of the launch. I spent quite a bit of time talking about our club and how great a group you all are, but that didn't make the cut!! They were particularly interested in William Shatner collectables, of course. If you missed it, the link is HERE

Another thing to watch the website for this week is our holiday event plans. We've been working to find a group activity and have narrowed it down to a few. For example, the GLOW Festival at the State Fairgrounds is running again this year. We could go as a group and then go to dinner. Other options are also available. We'll post ASAP with the final decision. Keep your eyes open in case we all have to reserve tickets!

Finally, the Star Trek Hallmark ornaments are all available as of last Saturday! They released the storyteller Spock a while ago and now they've added the Chekov and La Sirena. The characters both interact with the Starship Enterprise Musical Tree Topper, Kirk, Sulu and Uhura from last year. I can't wait to see the whole production when they're linked together!

Take care, and see you around the Galaxy!


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