Chuckwagon Dinner Postponed – Here’s the details.

The March 29th Chuckwagon Fundraiser Dinner has been postponed, not cancelled.  It was announced at the meeting before we knew how serious the lockdowns were going to be, and it turned out to be the right move.  We'll be rescheduling it in the fall, presumably after we've gotten through the worst.

Dinner Tickets: Let our ticket-buying guests know that we won't be holding the event, and that we've rescheduled to October 25th. The tickets they've purchased for dinner will still be good on then.

50/50 Raffle: Since you don't need to be present to win, we don't need to be present to hold the raffle.  We will still be drawing the winner on March 29th.  If you sold raffle tickets, please do two things for us

  1. Get the money to Pam, via check, PayPal (instructions later), or you can email Pam at for further instructions
  2. Get the tickets with the purchaser's name on it to Pam for the drawing, still being held on March 29th.

Silent Auction Items: We really don't have a way to complete the auction remotely. We're still going to need them, just 7 months later.  Please hang on to 'em, create new ones with all the new time we have.

Thank you to  everyone who's sold tickets, made auction items, and planned another great event.

PayPal instructions

You'll need your own PayPal account to make this work. Log in to PayPal and select the Send/Receive menu item at the top of the page.  When asked who to sent the money to, enter ''. Since this counts as Sending to a Friend, there's no fee involved.  In the message, please list your name and what the money covers, let's make Pam's job easier.  Walk through the rest of the menu, and you'll complete in no time.

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