How would you have done in the Scavenger Hunt?

We held the first online Scavenger Hunt after the last Nokomis meeting.  There were 20 clues or questions in the 30 minute hunt;  if you knew the answer you got points; if you brought the answer to the screen you got even more points.  How would you have done?

Here's the clues. Some are Trek related, some are not.

  1. What is yours but is always used by others more than by you?
  2. Some take me in the morning, some at night. But when I'm taken I don't go anywhere.
  3. I have eyes but cannot see. With great power comes my great responsibility.
  4. The more I dry, the wetter I become
  5. Just one of me you can have not, because if you have one you have a lot.
  6. What starts with a T, ends in a T, and is full of it?
  7. What has teeth but cannot eat?
  8. I make something black and blue, and Red all over? Who am I?
  9. King or Queen I may not be,  but your measure is what I see
  10. I rise to the occasion when put on the spot, you'll know who I am and who I am not. Who am I?
  11. I have ring, but I have no finger.
  12. I am full of holes but still hold water.
  13. One sheet, two sheet, three sheet, four - some use less, some use more
  14. I have a face but never frown, I have hands but do not wave. I answer one question with many different answers.
  15. I have not flesh, feather, or bone, yet I have fingers and thumbs of my own
  16. Forward I am heavy, backward I am not.
  17. I can be held in your left hand but not your right. You give a thumbs up when you get this one.
  18. Sometimes I'm portable, sometimes I ain't. When interacting with mice I am called quaint.
  19. I appear ones in every minute, twice in every moment, not once in a thousand years?
  20. I cannot be burned in a fire nor drowned in water.  I'm an enemy of one and friend to the other.

I'll post the answers in next week's newsletter.  Good Luck!

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