It’s Never Too Early to Get Beer!

Yup, it's time to think about beer, and St Patrick's Day, too. The 16th annual beer tasting and competition will take place on March 9th. You do not have to compete in the tasting to attend, of course, and can simply enjoy the St Patrick's Day fun. However, if you are competing, start thinking about your entry now!

If you wish to enter the tasting, you should bring 4-6 bottles of your entry. All types of beer, hard cider, malt beverage, near beer, maltini, non-alcoholic beer or malternative are welcome. You can even enter a soda if you'd like to, as you never know what will win. Keep in mind that the Bad Beer Board is also up for grabs, so maybe you have a noxious blend to share? Not really.

More information will follow about the party details in upcoming newsletters.


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