Mea Culpa – Latin for Oops

Last week I said something about a backyard movie night in August - and I was wrong. A lot of things stacked up in the summer this year, and we couldn't find a date to host it.  Well, not 'we', apparently everyone but Phill.  Sorry to get your hopes up, but we won't be having a movie night this summer.

I beg your pardon.  Please pick an excuse for me from the list below, and I will try not to do it again.

  • The Bersallen FireStorm cut off my Internet
  • A Gumato ate my homework
  • The timewarp I tried to fix it didn't work, and I spent 7 months cleaning Edith Keeler's kitchen
  • A bought a red shirt - dumb idea.  Turned all the colors pinkish before hemoglobin shortage wrecked my memory.
  • Couldn't find my notes in Cogley's office
  • Tom Paris stole the projector for his movie nights
  • I missed a meeting.

Sorry - Phill

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