Peep Toss!!

We tossed Peeps at the meeting on Saturday, and it was great. Actually, five contestants literally tossed their Peep, while others used a ping pong paddle (which broke), a slingshot, a well-placed kick, and a golf club. For the first time I can recall (of course, our Peep Master may have better recollection), there were ties in both the Junior and Senior divisions.

Using their strong arms, Leah and Zane both threw their Peeps downhill to the very same spot. The adult division winners were Alois, who must be a pitcher in his day job, and Harold, whose club hit the Peep with enough force that it flew in several pieces to the finish line.

All winners received fabulous prizes. The Juniors got their choice of Star Trek action figures and the adults won Amazon gift cards.

Thanks to everyone for playing - it was fun!!

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