Summer Lake Outing

The 2015 Visit to the Uecker's Cabin is coming up on August 14th.  Can you believe they've been nice enough to invite us every year since 1987?  That's 29 years of fun in the sun and the Lake!

The Lake Campout is August 14-16 - 2 nights


The club pays $100 toward the cost of the porta potty. If you enjoy the pleasing odor, feel free to bring a cheap book and use it as your library. Cheap abrasive toilet paper will be available if you want to really rough it. Otherwise, we have indoor facilities for those who freak out over porta potties.


We have ample room inside for those wimps (including Karen and Mark) wishing to setup cots etc. in the basement. First come, first serve. Some beds are already spoken for. Couches and cots available. Let us know if you need to reserve a spot.


You may arrive at anytime on Friday. However, we will be rude and ignore anyone arriving before noon. Most of you know the dogs. McKenzie still requires a written statement of your intentions, but she has agreed to pass on the certified copy of birth certificates, hall passes, and police records this year. Maggie pretty much just wants nonstop petting. They absolutely hate running as it kicks in some sort of chase instinct. Maggie is the black dog. McKenzie is the black/white dog. Although they’ve been good for the most part, we’ll likely keep them on leashes just in case one of them develops an attitude with a larger group. If it’s not too hot, all are invited to accompany us on a morning walk.


Mark will provide omelets along with your choice of witty, politically incorrect, inappropriate, or generally disgusting remarks at no charge on Sunday Morning.  There should be a pancake station also. Breakfast is chef’s choice on Saturday morning which is code for “it all depends on my motivation”.


You can sign up to bring items for Saturday/Sunday breakfast or general supplies. A signup sheet will be passed around at meetings. We appreciate the donations, but don’t feel obligated. The important piece is to know what essential items are missing so we can fill in the blanks. (for example, we don’t really want to run out of essentials such as tp or beer) If you sign up for something and can’t attend, please let us know prior to the campout or arrange for another person to bring the item. If you don’t know what to bring, call Karen at 715-248-3818 (or 651-454-0606) if we’re in Eagan). Keep the 715-248-3818 number handy for emergencies as cell phone service can be spotty.


We do NOT have garbage pickup at the lake. We appreciate any help in taking trash and/or recyclables when you leave. Everything is double bagged. Thanks. Everyone has been super about this in the past.


Please have the necessary ice, coolers, food, beverages etc. It’s helpful if you bring your own utensils, needed cookware, bug spray, etc. We will supply several coolers filled with beer and water for use by all. We don’t do pop. Bring what you need in that department. There is a refrigerator in the garage for the use of all. There will a table available for general goodies for the group. Veggies are certainly welcome, but we’d rather feel guilty about what we eat on this weekend. Anyone bringing kale chips will be subject to severe penalties. Every year we are honored with something left behind and unclaimed.  Sometimes it’s something we really like. I have several good knives due to someone’s courtesy of forgetfulness. However, up the ante! We have been suggesting someone leave a Rolex now for several years. Make this your year! Otherwise we’ve broken most of our microwave safe plates. You could forget one of those.


The water is at a nice level. We have several new spinners and a plethora of solar lights in our restoration.


We will have several large tubes and other water toys available. The float will be out. Please humor me and use it just once. There are two paddle boats, (one with a sun cover), and a beat up canoe. The most important aspect is to relax and have an enjoyable weekend.

Friday Night Fish Fry

We are planning on going to Friendly’s Bar and Grill in Star Prairie at 7:00 on Friday. Many of you have been there before. If not, it’s a small local bar with cheap beer located on the main drag. They have a fish fry which is usually good along with good burgers, general bar food, and probably even a vegetarian offering. We will likely make reservations for 15-20. However, it’s really nice to have a more accurate count.

Mark and Karen

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