Twin Cities Regional Science Fair Recap

The 2020 Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs were fun, educational, and a great way to give back to the kids in the Cities. Five Nokomisites braved the arena at the Fairgrounds on February 28th and 29th and met some amazingly talented young people who made us encouraged for the future.

How many of these projects could you do?

  • "The Physics of Flipping Cats"
  • "How doe the type of flour affect the size of a cookie?"
  • "Mycoremediation of Organic Environmental Contaminants"
  • "Expressing the sMMO genes from Methylosinus trichosporium in Escherichia coli for the biocatalysis of methanol production using methane".

This was our 27th year at the Fair, we've helped out every year since 1994. Let's spend our Bonus Leap Day helping the kids!

In 2021, the event happens on February 26th.  Mark your calendars!  If you've got a science background and know about scientific method, please volunteer to judge projects.