Movie Night – Outdoor-Safe on August 22nd

star-trek-movie-night-600x520The Backyard Movie Night is coming This Month!

This is one of the few events we can host outdoors and stay safe from the scourge.  Mary's agreed to host a socially spaced event outdoors in front of Storage Bay 3 (the shed) so we can get together at least once in six months.  We'll do the Star Trek movie set starting at 7PM, and host the food using the best party subs Jersey Mike's has (thanks Emma and Harrison).

The event will only take place if the weather is good, there isn't a good option to move indoors if it rains.  We'll make the call on the day before the event.  If we have to cancel due to weather we'll fully refund the money you paid.

With just over a month remaining, it's time to reserve your place at the event and pre-pay.  The link below is for PayPal, or you can send checks to Pam and she'll hold them until the night of the event.  We are looking into Venmo, but we're not quite there yet.

It's been a long time since we went virtual, let's have some in-person fun.


Chuck-wagon Drawing – and the Winner Is…

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to say that Harrison Frazee won the ½ and ½ raffle for the Chuck Wagon.  I brought the tickets into the office this morning and we found a box to mix them up.  I had a bunch of the employees (who support us by buying tickets each year) surround us and our head mechanic drew the winning ticket for Harrison.  We took in $524.00 in raffle ticket money of which I wrote and mailed a check to Harrison this morning in the amount of $262.00.  I’m sure he will be pleasantly surprised.  Harrison always, always jumps in and helps whenever he can so it’s with a happy heart we send him our hearty congratulations. 😊😊

Thanks again everyone for selling tickets and especially to Mary and Jack for collecting from those who had not had a chance to mail their tickets to me.  They collected and then drove them all the way down to my house so I sincerely appreciate their time, gas and efforts!!!!   Plus even though we stayed apart from each other it was really great seeing their smiling faces!!


Twin Cities Regional Science Fair Recap

The 2020 Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs were fun, educational, and a great way to give back to the kids in the Cities. Five Nokomisites braved the arena at the Fairgrounds on February 28th and 29th and met some amazingly talented young people who made us encouraged for the future.

How many of these projects could you do?

  • "The Physics of Flipping Cats"
  • "How doe the type of flour affect the size of a cookie?"
  • "Mycoremediation of Organic Environmental Contaminants"
  • "Expressing the sMMO genes from Methylosinus trichosporium in Escherichia coli for the biocatalysis of methanol production using methane".

This was our 27th year at the Fair, we've helped out every year since 1994. Let's spend our Bonus Leap Day helping the kids!

In 2021, the event happens on February 26th.  Mark your calendars!  If you've got a science background and know about scientific method, please volunteer to judge projects.

Sorry to postpone today – but Did We Mention Beer?

The 17th annual beer tasting and competition will take place on March 14th after our membership meeting, and it's time to get prepared. The meeting is only a mile away from our house at the St. Anthony Village library, so we'll start at 3pm instead of the usual 5pm. Pro tip: if you don't get to meetings often, here's your chance!

This is also a St. Patrick's Day party, so get your green on if you like. Please bring a dish to share for the potluck dinner. We'll start the food about 3:45pm, so folks get time to arrive and get organized.

You do not have to compete in the tasting to attend, of course, and can simply enjoy visiting, relaxing, and some fun and games. However, if you are competing, make sure you're there by the time the tasting starts at 4pm! If you wish to enter the tasting, you should bring 4-6 bottles of your entry. All types of beer, hard cider, malt beverage, near beer, maltini, non-alcoholic beer or malternative are welcome. You can even enter a soda if you'd like to, as you never know what will win. Keep in mind that the Bad Beer Board is also up for grabs.

Everyone is invited - don't be shy! If you need the address, email me at or come to the meeting. Slainte!


Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs 2020

Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs

 will be held at the Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds, on

February 28-29, 2020

We've helped out every year since 1994, please help us help the Kids Create the Future.  Let's spend our Bonus Leap Day helping the kids!

Setup starts at 9AM on the 28th. We don't need to haul all the heavy tables and chairs, our particular set of skills is the detailed work with signs, power, and logistics.  Lunch is provided.

If you've got a science background and know about scientific method, please volunteer to judge projects.  Each student is judged at least 3 times, so you can imagine the number of judges we need.  You don't need to be an expert in the areas you're judging, just need to judge the quality and completeness of their work.  The kids start checking in at about 1PM, with judging starting at about 3:00pm.  With luck and work we'll be done by 10:00PM.

On Saturday the award ceremony starts at 10:00AM and goes until about noon, followed by takedown and a little lunch at Khan's.

Please join us, and come to the February Meeting to find out more!

Save the Date – TCRSF 2020 is on…

.. the same weekend as MarsCon,  February 28-29.   But it IS a leap year, so care to spend the bonus day on the Future?

Lynne and Phill will definitely be working on the event, from setup Friday AM through takedown Saturday afternoon.   Join us if you can.   We can post more specifics as the date gets closer.