Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs 2020

Twin Cities Regional Science Fairs

 will be held at the Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds, on

February 28-29, 2020

We've helped out every year since 1994, please help us help the Kids Create the Future.  Let's spend our Bonus Leap Day helping the kids!

Setup starts at 9AM on the 28th. We don't need to haul all the heavy tables and chairs, our particular set of skills is the detailed work with signs, power, and logistics.  Lunch is provided.

If you've got a science background and know about scientific method, please volunteer to judge projects.  Each student is judged at least 3 times, so you can imagine the number of judges we need.  You don't need to be an expert in the areas you're judging, just need to judge the quality and completeness of their work.  The kids start checking in at about 1PM, with judging starting at about 3:00pm.  With luck and work we'll be done by 10:00PM.

On Saturday the award ceremony starts at 10:00AM and goes until about noon, followed by takedown and a little lunch at Khan's.

Please join us, and come to the February Meeting to find out more!

Nokomis at the Science Fair

20150228_093027Wow, that was a big event!  This year's Twin Cities Regional Science Fair had more than 180 student projects and nearly as many judges.   We had five of our members help out at the Fair this year, thank you very much.  Art Johnson, Lucia Johnson, Jim Kline, Rich Perry, Lynne Tauer and Phill Goldman.

This was our 22nd year working with the fair.  We've had 10-12 folks (sometimes more) involved every year since March of 1994.  Thanks for the literally hundreds of volunteer hours helping to make the future come true.

The Twin Cities Regional Science Fair takes place THIS MONTH!

The Twin Cities Regional Science Fair takes place on Friday February 27th and Saturday, February 28th.

For the 22nd Year the Nokomis will be helping out with the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair.  We started back at Augsburg College in 1994 with 120 displays and 90 judges. Now, the fair has 350 displays and well over 450 judges.

We could sure use your help.  If you have a scientific or math background, you qualify to judge at the Fair.  If you'd rather not judge or don't have that kind of background, we can use you too.  If you're willing to work through logistics like entering scores or checking kids in, then please consider volunteering as well.  You can sign up at the TCRSF's own web site.

The event takes place at the Field House, University of Minnesota. A rough timetable of events:

9:00AM Set up (lots of manual labor)
2:00PM Start checking in the students
4:30PM Judging Opens (runs until about 10PM)

10:00AM Start of award ceremony
12:00PM Begin takedown
2:30PM Lunch and fun.

Please consider whatever time you might be able to give.  Even a few hours is valuable. Thank you.

Phill Goldman