Movie Night – Outdoor-Safe on August 22nd

star-trek-movie-night-600x520The Backyard Movie Night is coming This Month!

This is one of the few events we can host outdoors and stay safe from the scourge.  Mary's agreed to host a socially spaced event outdoors in front of Storage Bay 3 (the shed) so we can get together at least once in six months.  We'll do the Star Trek movie set starting at 7PM, and host the food using the best party subs Jersey Mike's has (thanks Emma and Harrison).

The event will only take place if the weather is good, there isn't a good option to move indoors if it rains.  We'll make the call on the day before the event.  If we have to cancel due to weather we'll fully refund the money you paid.

With just over a month remaining, it's time to reserve your place at the event and pre-pay.  The link below is for PayPal, or you can send checks to Pam and she'll hold them until the night of the event.  We are looking into Venmo, but we're not quite there yet.

It's been a long time since we went virtual, let's have some in-person fun.


DON’T FORGET to sign up for 2019 Movie Night!

Please join us for our 2019 outdoor movie night on August 17th. The fun starts at 7pm in the backyard of the Captain's Quarters. Everyone is welcome to Trek under the stars!

The cost of the event is still $12 and includes your meal and entertainment. You can easily pay on PayPal through the website.

Please bring a beverage of your choice and something to sit on (most people bring chairs but blankets work, too). Please sign up online ASAP or let Mary know if you plan to attend so we can plan the amount of food. We need to know who's coming by August 11th. It is critically important for everyone to RSVP, as we've had as many as 50 and as few as 25!

The only other thing you need to know is that there is Star Trek on the menu. Please join us for the fun, rain or shine!



Log in and sign up under the MyUSSNOKOMIS page.

Need a shortcut? Signup Sheet for Movie Night

Click here for PayPal.  The price is $12.67 per ticket to cover the PayPal fees.

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Star Trek Movie Night

Save the date for the movie night on November 12th. You may see movies and you may see television and you may see other things, but we're calling it a movie night no matter what! Our usual format (backyard drive-in) is altered somewhat this year, as is our location. Lynne and Phill have graciously offered their space due to the date change, as November is not as good for outdoor evenings as August is!

The cost of the evening is still $12, and for this you will get your dinner and entertainment. Bring beverages of your choice to enjoy/share. Since we're not on the grass, a chair of your own is not required. There's a fireplace to keep us toasty warm in the house, and there might be snack as well.

The festivities will start at 5pm and information will follow on the website and next month's newsletter.  Phill and Lynne will furnish maps and places to hang out between the meeting and the night's start.

Advanced registration is required, we've set up a signup sheet page to make it easy.  We need to know how many folks are coming to plan food volume.   We are currently accepting payment at the meetings or through the signup sheet page. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions. Advance registration is required for food volume purposes.

Mary and Dawn

No Longer Out In The Open Movie Night

The evening formerly known as the Super Secret Activity Night has taken another turn this year. Due to our busy, busy summer, we have moved the event to November. It will take place after the November meeting on Saturday, November 12th. Since November weather is often unsuited to an outdoor showing, we'll be inside. Lynne and Phill have offered to accommodate the entire drive-in theater - can you believe it?! More information will follow in the October newsletter, but for now mark your calendars and plan for an evening of entertainment, dinner and socializing.


Movie Night is Here!!!

It's time for our magical, mystery, movie night under the stars!

The event will take place on August 29th at the Mermaid Star Drive-In Theater (in Mary and Jack's backyard).  By now you've already signed up and let Mary know you're coming, so she has enough goodies

The lovely evening features entertainment from your favorite Science Fiction franchise, a wonderful buffet dinner and stunning atmosphere provided by Planet Earth. No other details will be provided, but rest assured that it will be fun and yummy. The cost was $12, payable to Dawn. All you have to bring is a chair and a beverage.

The event will take place rain or shine. This Year looks like definite Moon-shine!