Chuck-wagon Drawing – and the Winner Is…

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to say that Harrison Frazee won the ½ and ½ raffle for the Chuck Wagon.  I brought the tickets into the office this morning and we found a box to mix them up.  I had a bunch of the employees (who support us by buying tickets each year) surround us and our head mechanic drew the winning ticket for Harrison.  We took in $524.00 in raffle ticket money of which I wrote and mailed a check to Harrison this morning in the amount of $262.00.  I’m sure he will be pleasantly surprised.  Harrison always, always jumps in and helps whenever he can so it’s with a happy heart we send him our hearty congratulations. 😊😊

Thanks again everyone for selling tickets and especially to Mary and Jack for collecting from those who had not had a chance to mail their tickets to me.  They collected and then drove them all the way down to my house so I sincerely appreciate their time, gas and efforts!!!!   Plus even though we stayed apart from each other it was really great seeing their smiling faces!!


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