Valentine Dinner Number 11 is in the History Books!


Thanks to Emma, Shannon, Harrison and Joey, a group of 14 crew members enjoyed a spectacular evening on February 16th. Check out the remarkable menu!

The evening also featured a murder mystery, in which everyone had a part. Each person received their character and background before the event, so they could plan a costume, and the get-ups for Old King Cole, the King and Queen of Hearts, Miss Muffet, Bo Peep, and nine other fairy tale characters were creative and fun. Joey led us through the investigation and nobody knew the killer's identity until the last minute. It turns out that Wicked Queen Grimhilde - the Fairest of Them All - was the culprit! Nobody was more surprised than I was to find out that I'd pushed Humpty Dumpty to his demise!

Thanks to everyone for their parts in this wonderful evening!


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