What’s Up With Our Events?

As you know, we have had many events delayed, and a few cancelled, due to COVID-19. At this month's meeting, we'll catch you up on all of the dates and events. Keep in mind that this is the time of year when we'll be planning the next year's calendar. Remember to send your suggestions to a board member by September to be considered for the formal calendar, and your suggestions are welcome at any time throughout the year.

Here's a specific change you need to know about: the dates of our next three meetings. Although we usually don't have meetings in July and August, the rapidly changing nature of our current calendar has led us to schedule them this year. Our July meeting will be on July 11th, and our August meeting on the 8th. At this time, we're planning a virtual format for both, but that may change as time goes by. As a reminder, our September meeting has been moved one week to the 19th, and we are still hoping for an in-person bowling party on that date. Keep watching the newsletters and joining our meetings for updates.

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