We’re Simplifying Dues: All will be Due each September

Can't remember when you joined, or when your dues are due?  You're just like the resduest of us. At the last Membership meeting Pam recommended a way to make things things simpler - everyone is due in September, when we kick off the active part of our year.

We'll set everyone's membership date to this September.  If you've paid dues in calendar 2015, then you get until September 2016.   That means free bonus months for quite a few folks while we make the transition.

Since we're sending the Newsletter from the Website, they'll automatically expire in September too.  You can by PayPal or in person in September and it's all simple.

We'll firm up all the transition details, get the automation lined up.  We'll get the nuts and bolts worked out and share those details at the May meeting.

Now there will be one fewer thing to remember.

USS Nokomis and Summit join forces to launch a beer!

Calling Nona, Korob, Sylvia, Kirk, Losira, Bela Oxmyx, Elaan, and all other characters we know.....

We are helping Summit Brewing Company with the launch of their new Star Trek themed beer. Please come to the event on August 1st at 910 Montreal Circle in St. Paul. We will be there setting up our props early and the party starts at 5pm. See the Summit event description below. How fun it that? Let's all show up and show them how we do it.

We have also been asked to participate in the release party at Muddy Waters on August 5th. We will show up at 5pm and populate the place with characters. There is no formal program here, but we'll have a beer and some fun.

Join us for a very special event as we celebrate the release of our newest beer, Unchained 19: Make It So, an Extra Special Bitter infused with Earl Grey Tea. Crafted by brewer Nick Hempfer, Make It So is a tribute to one of Nick's other favorite things, Star Trek: The Next Generation. See this Summit Blog post for more information on the beer, ingredients and inspiration:

The party is going down at the Summit Beer Hall & Patio on Saturday, August 1. Be one of the first beer lovers to try this unique beer, dress up to compete in a Star Trek themed costume contest and interact with life-sized Star Trek props from local fan club USS Nokomis. Plus, sci-fi spinning by DJ Nemo. Our friends from TeaSource - the source of our Earl Grey Tea - will also be tea sampling and demonstrations.

[Unchained 19: Make It So will be available at bar/restaurants and in stores beginning the week of August 6.]

Summit Brewing Company's photo.


All-Ship’s Picnic, July 19th at Noon

Shelter 1The Nokomis is hosting the 2015 All-Ship's Picnic at West Bush Lake Park Shelter #1.   We'll get started at Noon on this wonderful Sunday afternoon, rain or shine.  It's a chance to reconnect with all our friends in the Star Trek fan community without a lot of work.

What we know: It's a potluck event,  we'll bring the heat, you bring the meat and whatever you want to share.  Contact Dawn for details or to make suggestions.

What we're planning:  The final details are just getting rolling, but it won't have a lot of highly planned or scheduled events.  Check the Nokomis' website's news page for updates, and the event links  for time and location.

West Bush Lake shelter is located at 9401 West Bush Lake Road, Bloomington MN 55438