We’re Simplifying Dues: All will be Due each September

Can't remember when you joined, or when your dues are due?  You're just like the resduest of us. At the last Membership meeting Pam recommended a way to make things things simpler - everyone is due in September, when we kick off the active part of our year.

We'll set everyone's membership date to this September.  If you've paid dues in calendar 2015, then you get until September 2016.   That means free bonus months for quite a few folks while we make the transition.

Since we're sending the Newsletter from the Website, they'll automatically expire in September too.  You can by PayPal or in person in September and it's all simple.

We'll firm up all the transition details, get the automation lined up.  We'll get the nuts and bolts worked out and share those details at the May meeting.

Now there will be one fewer thing to remember.

Summit Beer Launch Party was a Great Success!

summit-logo-2013 Summit Transporter Summit Transporter 2

We had such a great time at the Summit Brewery on August 1st! The launch party was a huge event, with several hundred people of all ages. We brought the Transporter, Captain's Chair and Bridge Console, and all were huge hits with the crowd.

The new beer, Make It So, was well-liked. The flavor of Earl Grey Tea went well with the Extra Special Bitter in which it was brewed. We received samples of this beer and many other options, and also enjoyed a fabulous food truck called Butcher Salt.

The customers also loved our costumes, which included two alternate universe characters, several Starfleet officers, a civilian and an Andorian. Two of us were contestants in the costume contests, but unfortunately did not win but lost to a cute Bajoran! Pam shoulda won, if you ask me! The event was really great, and one of those moments that makes us proud to be part of this fun fan group. Who else could have provided Summit with this level of prop beauty, after all?