All-Ship’s Picnic, July 19th at Noon

Shelter 1The Nokomis is hosting the 2015 All-Ship's Picnic at West Bush Lake Park Shelter #1.   We'll get started at Noon on this wonderful Sunday afternoon, rain or shine.  It's a chance to reconnect with all our friends in the Star Trek fan community without a lot of work.

What we know: It's a potluck event,  we'll bring the heat, you bring the meat and whatever you want to share.  Contact Dawn for details or to make suggestions.

What we're planning:  The final details are just getting rolling, but it won't have a lot of highly planned or scheduled events.  Check the Nokomis' website's news page for updates, and the event links  for time and location.

West Bush Lake shelter is located at 9401 West Bush Lake Road, Bloomington MN 55438

CONvergence 2015

Wow, the Horta Cave was popular! This year’s CONvergence room was a big hit with con-goers. Many came back over and over, and everyone loved our props. We served almost 1,800 green drinks this year – the most EVER – and ran out of mixer just at the very end … More inside…