Activities and Links for Fun and Information

Social distancing has its ups and downs. Here are some links for each.

Here are some ways to have fun:

  1. Since it's con season and so many events have been cancelled, some fun-loving people created Concellation 2020 on Facebook. This group has gained over 22,000 members - from all over the world - in just 10 days. It's most amazing to see what people are dreaming up to post, including costume contests, panels, book reviews, pictures with celebrities and so much more. The USS Nokomis hosted a Virtual Blood Drive on March 17th and got lots of comments and support. Interestingly, several people that weren't members from the beginning have asked for the location of the bloodmobile, so we'll be hosting more drives in the coming weeks. We'll be offering the Virtual Blood Donor Badge Ribbon - the most coveted ribbon at con - to all donors. If you're on Facebook and not yet a member, you may want to check it out!
  2. Virtual exercise: No, it's not what it sounds like - you actually have to DO the exercise. However, there are many ways to bring the exercise to you! Virtual Zumba, workouts and dance programs are available on social media and on YouTube. For example, a good workout - STRONG by Zumba 30-Minute Class - can be found at . You can find something for every level to get your steps in. Several online exercise programs are also offering free or discounted membership at this time.
  3. Another thing that's greatly discounted right now is language classes. Have you always wanted to learn German, Spanish, Italian? You can download a free app, like Duolingo, to learn basics. You can also take advantage of the big discounts from Babbel until the end of March. Ciao!

Now, here are some interesting links about the effects of this social distancing we're living:

  1. Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe from the American Psychological Association:
  2. Talking about how we feel:


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