LLS Month of Giving

Every year, Jersey Mike's Subs helps raise money for a special local charity. Jersey Mike's locations in the Twin Cities are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Minnesota with 100% of of sales being donated on March 25th. The money goes to help with patient transportation, personal costs to patients and families undergoing treatment, research, and to help fund LLS' largest celebration of their survivors of blood cancer each year.

With recent events, we are expecting a loss of the amount of money we raise for LLS. We have been raising money at each of our meetings and many of you have come to my stores on the Day of Giving helping raise hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years. If you were planning on donating at the March meeting or going to the store for the Day of Giving but can't make it, please consider donating at this link. If you are still up to participate, know that the stores will still be open and delivery on our app is available to make the day a special one!

Thank you to everyone for all of your continued support!

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