Captain’s Log – June 2015


It's summer at last! After many years watching our two seniors grow and change, they are graduating from high school in two weeks. It's hard to believe. We are so proud of them and of all the USS Nokomis second generation. Congratulations, Shannon and Harrison!

Although it's been said several times in this newsletter already, I will reiterate that the June meeting IS IN MAY! Please don't miss the Anniversary Picnic, celebrating our 31st anniversary, at the Klines' on May 30th. We don't have another meeting until September, so this one is important so you're up to date on the summer plans.

Speaking of summer plans, check the website periodically throughout the summer for updates. There will be a newsletter, but with our new format you can check at any time for fresh news. The goal is to allow you to stay up to date at all times and we're working hard to make sure it's updated. I have heard nothing but compliments about the format and how easy it is to use, so use it!

See you around the galaxy!


Feed My Starving Children on July 22nd

We have six openings left out of our 15, so please plan to join us as we pack food for the world's starving children on July 22nd from 6pm to 7:30pm. This time we're packing at the Eagan facility at 990 Lone Oak Road. After we're done with the fun, which is always over way too fast, we'll go to dinner at a nearby restaurant. We'll also find out where the fruits of our labor will go to help this time. Will it be Malawi like last time? Haiti? Somewhere else where it's needed?

If you haven't joined us yet, you should try it. It's easy work in a fun atmosphere. There are a few jobs for sitters, a few for standers and a few for haulers. All jobs allow (encourage?) singing and dancing, but it's not mandatory. Go to and join the USS Nokomis group or let me know and I'll sign you up!

If you can't make it, you can help out another way: monetary donations are gratefully accepted for the purchase of food, batteries, upkeep and other expenses to keep the doors open for this great organization. We'd be happy to drop off a donation if you bring it to the June meeting.




Marvelous Magical Mystery Movie Night

Remember to register for the yearly evening under the stars! The event will take place on August 29th at the Mermaid Star Drive-In Theater (in Mary and Jack's backyard). It is very important that we have a good head count before we buy the food, so we can minimize the cost and maximize the yumminess of the meal!

The lovely evening features entertainment from your favorite Science Fiction franchise, a wonderful buffet dinner and stunning atmosphere provided by Planet Earth. No other details will be provided, but rest assured that it will be fun and yummy. The cost is $12, payable to Dawn by August 1st. All you have to bring is a chair and a beverage.

The event will take place rain or shine. Over the years we've had a few close calls, but only had to go inside once. We will hope for great weather again.


First-ever USS Nokomis Garden Party

The team that has brought us years of fabulous Valentine Dinners has announced a new event. The USS Nokomis Garden Party will take place on July 17th, hosted by Emma, Shannon and Harrison. As you know, they have created amazing and impressive dinners over the years for the winter event, and they will be doing the same in the summer. Space is limited, so sign up at the meeting on May 30th or contact Mary to sign up. If there are more people interested than can be accommodated, a drawing will take place as we've had for several of the Valentine Dinners.

We can't wait to see what they come up with during the summer, with its different foods and ambience!

CONvergence 2015 is Coming!

CONvergence will take place for the 17th time from July 2nd to July 5th. We have decided to do a new and unusual room this year. Our theme will be The Naked Time, based on the episode of that name. If you don't recall it, give it a watch and remember the icy walls of the space station on Psi 2000, the painted graffiti on the Enterprise walls, a sword, some tears and a dance in the bowling alley (well, actually, that never took place). How about Kevin Riley's lovely and overused rendition of I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen? Yes, these things and more will lend themselves well to our theme.

As always, we need your help. This room will not utilize the curvy beams or large walls, but it will take several hours of set-up and take-down. Please plan to help if you can on July 2nd at noon at the DoubleTree in Bloomington, and again at closing time (9am or 10am TBD) on Sunday, July 5th. We also need folks to populate the room on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, so let me know when you'd like to be there. Please know that a few "regulars" will not be there this year, so please make an extra effort to be on hand. We will start signing up at the May meeting.

Costumes for this room are as usual - Classic Trek - and you may also have some fun ideas based on the episode. However, if you don't have a costume, come anyway. It's all about the fun.


2015 Chuckwagon Fundraiser Report

The annual fundraiser, previously known as the Spaghetti Social, took on new life on April 19th. This year's Chuckwagon Dinner was a great success and we raised over $1,600 for the club's operating expenses.

The menu consisted of sloppy joes, cole slaw, calico beans, two kinds of cake, punch and other beverages and a full bar. Each menu item had a special name, like Geronimo Joes, Yosemite Slaw, Cheyenne Beans, Lakota Punch, Crazy Horse Cake and Crockett Cake, and the attendees were asked to figure out the theme. Was it western names, names from Montana, or what? Check your Starfleet history, for all of the names were ships of the line that were seen in Star Trek. How clever of us!

In addition to a great dinner, the ambience was great. Attendees sported western gear and outfits. Jim built a fabulous chuckwagon, from which some buckaroos served the food. The music took you right back to the old trail, and each table was decked out with cacti, pistols and spurs. The silent auction featured numerous wonderful items and was very popular, thanks to many generous donors (members, friends and family). One wonderful extra touch was the claw machine, donated by Anita and Todd, that kept attendees entertained for hours.

Thanks to everyone who participated, whether you donated time or auction items, culinary talents, carpentry or decorating skills, or simply attended and enjoyed the evening. Thanks also to Pam and Roxanne, who ran the planning committee. It was a very successful event for all!


Captain’s Log – May 2015

Hey folks, it's really spring! I am so happy to be looking at green buds, but sad that the school year is nearing its close. That means our two high school seniors, Shannon and Harrison, will be done soon. How did they grow up so fast?

Speaking of fast, we are fast approaching CONvergence. Information can be found elsewhere on the website and in the newsletter. Please come and join us in the fun.

Another super fun thing is coming up on May 9th after the membership meeting. Scott is hosting the Galaxy Quest Road Rally. If you haven't yet joined one of his road rallies, you are missing out! If you don't have a partner, don't worry. Just come to the meeting and we'll find one for you. We'll all go to eat after the meeting, so if one of your group wants to play and the others don't you can meet up at the end. This is one of my very favorite things we do all year, so I am really looking forward to it!

We have started to extend more invitations to the other fan clubs in town, for more of our events. If you have friends who want to come by and check us out, tell them not to be shy. We want to share our fun with everyone. There are very few events that are not open to friends and family who want to see what we're all about - if you have questions about that, let a board member know.

We'll see each other at two membership meetings in May. Make sure to come to the anniversary picnic at the end of the month for our end-of-the-year get-together. We're a bit more informal during the summer, with no meetings in July and August. However, there are lots of fun events, and we'll go over everything at the two May meetings so you know what to expect. As always, keep your eyes on the website for up-to-the-minute news that can't wait for the newsletter.

See you around the galaxy!


St. Pi’s Day Party was FUN!

On 3/14/15 we had the annual beer tasting and potluck party. This year we merged the St Patrick's Day motif (some were dressed in green) and the once-in-a-century Pi Day observance. At 9:26:53 we dropped a pie in honor of the moment (note that Pi = 3.141592653...). Not too many others can say that!

The group really outdid itself with the round food theme. We have round cheese, meat, bread, cookies, cake, appetizers, potatoes, salads and more! We actually had to start placing food on the bed because we had so many great items. Great job, everybody.

The beer tasting had lots of entrants this year and we tasted in four rounds, two semi-finals and a final round. The ultimate winner was Barb Pucel with Shiner Birthday Beer, which is brewed with chocolate malt and real cocoa. The second place prize went to Jane Dusek for her Brau Brothers Moo Joos, a classic oatmeal milk stout. It's interesting to note that this is the first year we have seen two dark beers win the prizes. They were both yummy. The coveted (or maybe not) USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board went to Joann Hall, whose beer was so yucky we can't mention the name. Congratulations to all, and see you again next year!

Mary and Jack