Captain’s Log – January 2020

Wow, we've reached the Roaring 20s, and what a year this is going to be for Star Trek! It will be the first time in history that four different Trek properties are in production at the same time. I wonder what Gene Roddenberry would have said if someone had suggested such a thing in 1966. We will be sharing the premier of one of these shows - Star Trek: Picard - on January 23rd and I hope everyone can join us (more information later in this newsletter). Once we find out the premier dates of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 and Star Trek: Lower Decks we may be scheduling joint screenings, too. And of course Short Treks have been really entertaining!

Now that we've started the year, we have a critical issue to discuss and decide. We need to verify that we'll have participants for CONvergence 2020 in August and will be able to host a party room this year. We will have a meeting on January 11th before the membership meeting and hope to see many of you there. The membership meeting is only a mile away, so we'll meet at our home and adjourn in time to get to the meeting location. Even if you're not sure about your plans in August, please come and give your input. Everyone is welcome.

Speaking of conventions, we have MarsCon 2020 coming up at the end of February. For this convention we will not be hosting a party room. This is due to a lack of volunteers to help create and set up the room. I'm hoping that everybody is saving up their energy for CONvergence! We will, of course, be hosting our annual American Red Cross blood drive, so we'll have a presence at the con. Because we're not hosting a room, we're free to participate in the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair, which is a great event!

I hope to see everyone at the January membership meeting on the 11th. See you around the galaxy!


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