Order Your 2020 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar Now!

The 2020 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar Is Here and Ready to Order!

As in previous years, contact Jane Dusek with your mailing address and the number of calendars your would like to order. If you have her personal e-mail or cell number, feel free to e-mail her or text her with your information, and she will send your confirmation info to you. Otherwise, contact Jane through the First Officer email here on the website.

Alternately, if you want to pick-up your calendar at your local Walmart, let Jane know which one you want to go to for pick-up.

The prices have gone up, unfortunately, but the calendar is still on sale at Walmart. The price is now 12.95 (up $3 from before) and cost of shipping to your home is now $4.

So total order costs per calendar right now are coming in at about $18.25-18.50 including shipping to your home, and sales tax.

Order SOON to get the best prices!!!

Enjoy, and have a great 2020!

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