CONvergence – Hey, this means YOU!!

OK, folks. I've said it over and over and now it's really here...please join us to help with the sets and greeting people in the room. Even if you've never done this before and didn't build the sets, come and help. It's so fun you won't believe it!

The times we NEED you are:

  • July 3rd at 6pm to load at our house (this is going to be so easy, as everything is staged in the garage already!)
  • July 7th at 8am to tear down and load out, and we have to be out by 11am!!
  • July 7th at the house to unload and pack everything away, then go out to eat

Here's what you should do for the convention itself: let me know when you want to come and populate the room. It's best to sign up for a time so we know you'll be there and can count on you. The room is really big this year, so we'll need people in the front and back areas, in addition to James T Hefner out in the hallway calling in the guests. You don't have to do anything other than visit and welcome people. How fun is that?

Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed, so please let me know when you can come. Thanks in advance.


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