Dues are Due for 2016-2017 Membership Year

Update:  if you haven't paid your 2016 dues, they are past due!  Be sure to pay either via PayPal on the website, by check via mail, and in person at the October 8th meeting!

Renew!  RENEW!!

Remember that your dues are due (no pun intended) in September, regardless of your anniversary month.  We realigned the dues year to match our activity calendar planning starting in 2015.

If you are going to miss the September meeting (and we hope you aren't, because it's a biggie and we'll present the activity calendar), don't despair. There are a few ways you can get your dues to Pam.

  • At the September meeting.  Let's be nice to Pam and put cash or checks in an envelope with your name and Dues on it.  Keeps everything neat.
  • If you already know you're crossing paths with a Board member, get it to them.  They all talk to each other every so often.  They like the envelope option too.
  • You can use the online option this year.  Use the Join Us web page and act like it's your first time.  Phill will get it all sorted in the background.
  • You can get your dues to Pam by mail if necessary. Let her know your plans if you need to, as she'll be putting together a reminder notification to those who miss September's deadline.

Please remember that you must pay by the drop-dead time - BEFORE the October meeting - to be included in the October celebration. Plus, you won't get newsletters any more, and then how will you know what's going on?

If you have questions, the Governing Board is here to help.

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