September Bowling Party has Meeting attached….

or is it the September Membership meeting has a bowling party attached!

Once again we will be meeting for our September General Membership Meeting (Saturday, September 8, 2018, at noon/12:00 p.m.) at the St. Francis Bowling Center. It is located at the St. Francis School building at 426 S. Osceola Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102 (one block North of the intersection of Randolph and West 7th St.).

Our September meeting tends to be busy with taking annual membership payments, reviewing and approving the 2018/2019 budget and visiting after a busy summer.

After our official meeting ends (about 1:30 pm) the lanes will be open for bowling. As always the lanes are paid for by the Nokomis. This is one of our fun returns for the dedicated hard work of fundraising for the club. We have the lanes until 5:00 pm again (or until your fingers go numb..., whichever comes first).

After the bowling we will meet at a restaurant (to be determined and announced at the meeting) and complete our favorite club activities--eating and talking!

Please feel free to bring your family and to invite other fandom groups. Give us a heads up on the number of folks coming if you can to help with planning.

Don't forget to bring your shoes and ball if you have them! See you soon!

We’re Simplifying Dues: All will be Due each September

Can't remember when you joined, or when your dues are due?  You're just like the resduest of us. At the last Membership meeting Pam recommended a way to make things things simpler - everyone is due in September, when we kick off the active part of our year.

We'll set everyone's membership date to this September.  If you've paid dues in calendar 2015, then you get until September 2016.   That means free bonus months for quite a few folks while we make the transition.

Since we're sending the Newsletter from the Website, they'll automatically expire in September too.  You can by PayPal or in person in September and it's all simple.

We'll firm up all the transition details, get the automation lined up.  We'll get the nuts and bolts worked out and share those details at the May meeting.

Now there will be one fewer thing to remember.

Website News for October

Our new web site has been online and progressing rapidly. We beat the deadline set by the September 30th end of MyFamily. We have a  working news site and a functional calendar to keep us all informed. Those two functions were most of what we used on either of our original sites. First mission accomplished.

Each month I'll keep you up to date in what's new and what's next.  If we've learned something the hard way, I'll share that with you, and hopefully give some helpful hints along the way.

September's What's New

  • The site is online.  Just cruise to, you don't need to add anything after that.
  • Everyone who is on the active member list has usernames assigned now, and an email went to the most recent email account we have on file.  If I couldn't create an account for one reason or another, I sent an email asking for more information.
  • The calendar is up to date through November, with a few events scheduled beyond that.
  • We retired the old site and MyFamily
  • Everyone was set up as Reader. The Board members and Phill are now set up as editors to create and support the site while it grows.
  • The Contact Us comment form works just fine!  If you have ideas or suggestions, use that if you please.

What's Next

  • The entire calendar through the end of 2015, as adopted at the September General Membership meeting, will be in place. UPDATE:  All of the events through the end of 2015 are on the Calendar!
  • Completing the MY NOKOMIS page.  This will be the first page you see when you log in successfully - you already see the beginnings now.  It'll do more than just let you change your password - it will be your gateway to contribute to the site.
  • There will be a way for everyone to contribute articles to the site, along with some quick guidance and how the process works.
  • To help out Dave,  I hope to have a more automatic way to generate and mail the newsletter.

This Month's Hint - Basic Logging On

Each member has a user name, made up of your first name and last name with no spaces or punctuation.  For example, my username is PhillGoldman.  You got an email with your username and password earlier in September.

If you didn't get your welcome email and you can't find it in your SPAM folder, go to the Contact Us page and drop a line.  It might be that we don't have the right email, that dues got crossed up, or one of a dozen other little glitches that creep up.

The site never asks for your email once you've logged in.  To update password or email address, simply log in as usual.  Once you land on the MY NOKOMIS page there's a form to edit your profile.

Captain’s Log, September 2014

Greetings, crew! I hope you've had a wonderful summer. We certainly have, between travels to Banff and Calgary and numerous other marching bands parades, all of our fun USS Nokomis events and time at the cabins. Just one more year of high school in our house before both Lings are college students! Time does fly.

Since our summer has now flown by, it's time to get down to the new year. As always, we will start out by confirming our 2014-2015 events calendar at our September meeting. Anyone can suggest a social event, fundraising idea or charitable pursuit. It helps if you are willing to chair the event, but it is not necessary. If you are interested in getting something on the calendar this year, you can submit the idea to any board member. We will put together a suggested calendar at the September governing board meeting.

Another thing we would like you to suggest is a holiday outing for the group. We currently have a ghost event on the second Saturday of December, but any date could be suggested. In past years, we've gone to the movies, visited public holiday events and had fancy dinners out. We would love to do something new and different, but any of the above would be fun, too. Let us know of any ideas you have.

We hope to see you at the September meeting. In addition to the calendar discussion, we will see the final report from CONvergence! We will also discuss the upcoming campout weekend, the Spaghetti Social, Zoo Boo and more!

See you around the galaxy!

September’s Membership Meeting – Business and Camping

Folks, the summer's wended its way toward the cooler days of Fall, and the Nokomis' working agenda is starting to fill up.  Come to the September meeting and get all the latest:

An agenda selection for your anticipation:

  • We'll be reviewing the calendar for the next 12 months - be sure your favorites are on it
  • Whet your whistle for all the great food at the Spaghetti Social and Fundraiser.  We could use your help to make it a big succcess
  • Camp Out for the Evening, once the business is complete
  • Find out what ZooBoo's doing this year too
  • Get access to the Nokomis' newest website, one that replaces both MyFamily and the old ".org" site.

Everyone's welcome - see the Events Calendar for dates and times.

Captain’s Log, July 2014

Greetings, crew! Please help me in welcoming our brand new newsletter editor and governing board member. Congratulations, Dave! In case you missed the last few meetings, here is the other governing board news: we now have only six board positions. The positions of fundraising officer and treasurer have been blended into one to facilitate the monetary processes of the club. Pam Kline has graciously agreed to take on this increased responsibility. Her new position is Chief Financial Officer/Chief of Operations.
I was hoping to be able to talk about summery weather and the lack of yuckiness, but so far all we've had is rain. One of these days, we'll have nice weather. I trust it will happen in time for the July meeting on the 19th and that we can go outside to enjoy it.
Speaking of July, we are looking forward to CONvergence on the first weekend. Hopefully, our blood drive will make goal to help out the very low inventories of blood around the United States. (I will take this opportunity to ask everyone to donate blood if you are able -- it is very much needed.) Please come to our blood drive at CONvergence on Saturday the 5th. After that, we have a board meeting on the 11th, membership meeting on the 19th, packing food for Feed My Starving Children on the 22nd, and our dinner theater outing on the 25th. If any of this doesn't sound familiar to you, let a board member know and get on board (no pun intended).
Here's a reminder for September, although it now seems so far away. As the summer goes on, don't forget to keep your eyes out for items you can donate to our silent auction at the Spaghetti Social on September 21st. You could also start a craft item now so it will be finished in time. Hint, hint.

See you around the galaxy!
Mary P