Important Announcement – January Dance!

After taking a break for the Trek 50 year, we'll be back on January 28th for our 15th January Dance event!

The cost remains $35, even after all these years! Your evening will include social hour, a lovely buffet dinner, dancing to our favorite DJ Rob, and a cash bar. We'll be at a new venue - the Dan Patch American Legion in Savage - and we'll begin our social hour at 6:00 p.m. Dinner will follow at about 7:00 with dancing from 8:00 to midnight.

This has been one of our most well-attended events for years. We hope this new location will be just as fun! For this event, family and friends are welcome. The more, the merrier!

Most importantly, you must turn in your payment by the January meeting and WE NEED TO KNOW YOU'RE COMING. You can bring the payment to the Holiday Party, mail it to me, or bring it to the meeting in January. Plus, please let me know ASAP that you intend to come so we can get an accurate count.


Celebrate and Dance-In the Holidays!!

The Nokomis is hosting this year’s All-Ships’/Alliances’ Holiday Party Bash. Join Us For Dancing, Music, Food, Friends and Fun for All!

Our Party runs from 5-9P, with our Pot Luck Dinner beginning at 5. We are having a LIVE DJ and Dancing from 6-9P.

So come and Dine and Dance and Party with Us!

TIME: 5-9 pm

More inside...

January Dance 2015 – Eeek! I See a Mouse!

Please remember to bring your deposit ($20) or payment in full ($35) to the November
meeting for this year’s dance on January 17th. This year’s event will be tons of fun as
always with dinner and dancing and fun with your friends. This evening is for adults
only, and you are welcome to invite as many friends and family as you like.

By popular demand, we will have a theme this year. Wait for it….. This year’s theme will
be Disney! Just think of the opportunities this opens up for your attire. You can wear
something as simple as Mickey ears or as fancy as Cinderella’s ball gown. Since Disney
has produced (or helped to produce) 492 movies (and now they own Star Wars), this
gives you a whole big bunch of creative license. Let your imagination run wild or just do
something basic. If you don’t have an idea, let me know and I’ll show you our
brainstorming list. We should end up with quite a group picture, I’ll bet!

If you can’t be at the meeting, please let me know that you plan to attend. Deposits are
due by the 13th of December at the holiday party.