September 2016 General Membership Meeting

Our next General Membership Meeting takes place on Saturday the 17th of September at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington, MN starting at 12 Noon.TOS_Starfleet___Divisions_by_contagious_lunacy

Come and hear how the summer went.  There was a little movie that came out this year, compare notes with your fellow Trek fans.   Share ideas and hopes for the new Star Trek series.

September, the Final, er, Part of the Year - These are the happenings of the Starship Nokomis

  • Our next one-year mission - You'll see all the activities and dates for the next 12 or so months.Don't be a Ferengi - It's time to pay your dues for the year, let's get that over with.
  • ...Visit with New Life Forms... - Get involved to help Como Zoo at ZooBoo.
  • .. And new Recreations... -  Hear about plans for some of the fun things coming up - Bowling, Halloween
  • ... Boldly Do What We Haven't Done Before- let's set up something for Christmastime

We've got more than a dozen new members ready to meet all the Old Ones.  That is the equation!  (No, Ruk, No!!)

General Membership Meeting and Campout at Evers

This year’s anniversary picnic (and camp out) will be held at Loren and Carol Evers’ property. We own approximately 11 acres about 10 miles north of Stillwater (about 10 miles northeast of the old Madline farm). So there is plenty of room for all the fun-filled activities people would like to participate in.

For those that would like to camp out, you can show up any time after 5PM on Friday. If you come any earlier than that, chances are we won’t be home. There is plenty of open space for tents and/or camper’s so bring which ever you would like to sleep in. For those people that bring campers and would like power, please let us know in advance so we can plan for that need. If you do come on Friday please bring something to grill and something to share. Please pray for NO rain, otherwise we’ll all be living in the garage.

If you want to stay the night with the Evers, they are renting their very comfortable upstairs room for $50.  If you are interested in this fundraiser and warm bed, contact Carol and Loren directly.

The anniversary picnic will again be a potluck. So please bring something to grill and something to share. It will also be a BYOB event. We don’t have an extra refrigerator, but we’ll have cooler(s) available with plenty of ice. If anyone has a large cooler they can loan to the cause, please bring that along as well. We’ll be providing plates, napkins, cups, and utensils (of the paper and plastic variety).

Juana's family has gifted us with her Star Trek collection and costumes.  There will be a silent auction during the meeting, see the accompanying article.

Also, feel free to bring along your toys as long as you don’t mind them getting lost in the weeds or the lake.

For those of you who want to know where you will be headed, our address is: 11357 142nd St. N, Stillwater, MN 55082. We are exactly 8.5 miles north off 36 off of Manning Ave/Trail.

Loren and Carol Evers

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Come one, come all to the February General Membership Meeting.

Because the Needs of the All outweigh the Needs of the One....

We've survived the Deep Cold Nine, so it's time to Voyage the Next Congregation.

We'll find out about

  • How we've moved the Motion Picture night to later in the year
  • The Wrap of Con - how we'll handle MarsCon
  • More about our Search for a Spot to hold 50th Anniversary Hijinks
  • When we'll Voyage Home - back to the scene of last year's Pi Day Party (and this year's Part 2.7183)
  • How we Final-ly Front-ier the tickets for the Chuck Wagon Dinner
  • Details of Undiscovered Business
  • and Generations of New Ideas.

We're meeting at Noon at the Augsburg Library,  see below.

April General Membership Meeting

The April 2015 General Membership Meeting will be held on April 11th, at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington.

***Here’s the map and meeting location details.***

Come and hear about

  • The Chuckwagon Dinner event - It's Coming up FAST!!!!
  • How did MarsCon Go
  • Blood saves lives, and our way of helping
  • Our year to host the All-Ship's Picnic and the Holiday Party in December
  • .. and More


January General Membership – Starts PROMPTLY At Noon

The January 2015 General Membership Meeting will be held on January 10, 2015, at the Wescott Library in Eagan, MN.  We've met there before, many times over the years.

Please: Arrive Early.  Start On Time. Stay On Topic.

As you've read, the Visitation and Funeral for Juana happens later this same afternoon.  We'll meet at our normal time, but we'll need to start on time and stay on task so we may all attend.

We will start promptly at 12N whether we have quorum or not.

More inside...