MarsCon 2015

We will have a room at the convention this year on March 6th through 8th. Since the theme of the con is "Heroes and Wizards and Fae, OHhh MYyy!", what would be better than a reboot of our very successful Wizard of Oz room? We have many characters so far, including Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda and others. We really could use a Tin Man, so if you're interested please let me know ASAP.

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St. Pi’s Party is March 14th!

For quite a few years, Jack and I have hosted beer tasting parties. First, they were at my house with food and beer. Then, we upgraded to the Barn Tasting Beer Dance and enjoyed several years of bonfires and dancing with our food and beer. Recently, we've hosted the parties at hotels where a soak in the hot tub was substituted for the dancing with the food and beer. This seems to be working pretty well, so we're at it again this year. However, our traditional date is a pretty big deal this year. Why? Think about the date. 3.14.15. Sound familiar? It should - it's PI! Therefore, instead of having a St Patrick's Day party, we're calling it the St Pi Day's party. 

You are invited to the Residence Inn Roseville at 2985 Centre Pointe Drive, Roseville MN 55113 any time after 4:30 pm on March 14th (the day of our March meeting). Please bring some food to share. Let's see how many people can bring Pi-themed food. Think about it all of the possibilities: anything round will work, including anything in a round bottle or bowl, meatballs, cookies, etc. You could even bring a square pizza, since Pie Are Squared! I can guarantee that we will have a special toast at It will only come once in our lifetimes!
And then, of course, there's the beer. Please bring at least a six-pack of your favorite to enter. We will taste in elimination rounds and the tasting will be blind. Two winners will be chosen, along with the winner of the coveted Bad Beer Board. The decisions of the judge will be final. Don't forget to eat between rounds!
If you'd like to get a room at the hotel, visit . Studio rooms start at $103 and "sharable" rooms start at $113 (today's rate). See you there.

January Dance – Disney Style

We had a great time at the Fort Snelling Officer's Club on the 17th of January at our 14th annual dance. Our lovely meals of Champagne Chicken or Strip Loin of Beef were delicious and we topped them off with Peach Cobbler. We were so fortunate to have both our favorite bartender, Gary, and our favorite DJ, Rob, to celebrate the night with us. The music was perfect for our Disney theme, reminding us that there are lots and lots of danceable songs in the movies! We had villains like Cruella de Vil and Narissa, leading men like Bert the Chimneysweep and Prince Charming, beauties like Snow White and Fantasia Fairy, and assorted other human and animal characters. Sometimes you even had to guess! It was quite lovely and I hope that everyone had a great time. See you next year!


The Twin Cities Regional Science Fair takes place THIS MONTH!

The Twin Cities Regional Science Fair takes place on Friday February 27th and Saturday, February 28th.

For the 22nd Year the Nokomis will be helping out with the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair.  We started back at Augsburg College in 1994 with 120 displays and 90 judges. Now, the fair has 350 displays and well over 450 judges.

We could sure use your help.  If you have a scientific or math background, you qualify to judge at the Fair.  If you'd rather not judge or don't have that kind of background, we can use you too.  If you're willing to work through logistics like entering scores or checking kids in, then please consider volunteering as well.  You can sign up at the TCRSF's own web site.

The event takes place at the Field House, University of Minnesota. A rough timetable of events:

9:00AM Set up (lots of manual labor)
2:00PM Start checking in the students
4:30PM Judging Opens (runs until about 10PM)

10:00AM Start of award ceremony
12:00PM Begin takedown
2:30PM Lunch and fun.

Please consider whatever time you might be able to give.  Even a few hours is valuable. Thank you.

Phill Goldman


Sledding and Sliding on Valentine’s Day

03082008_Tube1.ashxIn the ancient past, when we had a sledding and sliding party there was snow for sledding and sliding. It's been an awful century (!!) for that, so we're scheduling something a bit more certain.

After we finish our February General membership meeting we'll dress up and head down to Elm Creek Park for a long sliding hill and lots of fun.

Elm Creek Park, in Dayton/Maple Grove MN, has a tubing hill that MAKES snow, and has a moving sidewalk lift too. Add a warming house with hot chocolate, and it's sure to be fun.

Newsletter and the Web Page

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Captain’s Log – February 2015

Captain's Log - March 2015

Greetings, crew! Happy Valentine's Day, late. Happy St Patrick's Day, early. We aren't having a St Patrick's Day party this year, but we have a lovely alternative for you. See the article about the event in the newsletter and on the website.  

It's a little early for me to report on the success of our Feed May Starving Children packing, but you can check out the results on the website. It's pretty neat for everyone to be able to go online and check for what's going on without having to wait until the newsletter comes out. Check it out for the most up-to-date information. 

It's been a rough month for us. Losing our friend Juana was devastating. It was immensely gratifying to see so many of you at the funeral. When we were asked to raise our hands, we sure made a showing! A standing-room-only crowd was a wonderful testament to the loving and special woman she was. We were all very lucky to have had her in our lives. As we move forward, she will live in our memories and our photographs. I hope that Juana has joined with our other lost crewmates and is enjoying a laugh and a hug. 

See you around the galaxy!

Captain Mary

January General Membership – Starts PROMPTLY At Noon

The January 2015 General Membership Meeting will be held on January 10, 2015, at the Wescott Library in Eagan, MN.  We've met there before, many times over the years.

Please: Arrive Early.  Start On Time. Stay On Topic.

As you've read, the Visitation and Funeral for Juana happens later this same afternoon.  We'll meet at our normal time, but we'll need to start on time and stay on task so we may all attend.

We will start promptly at 12N whether we have quorum or not.

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